CIOs must innovate the employee experience

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Improving employee experience is now table stakes for chief information officers.

In order to win the war for talent, improve employee productivity, and exceed customer expectations, IT executives have to make it easier for workers to get their jobs done—and more fulfilling.

This is clear in the ethnographic investigation published in The Culture Issue of Workflow Quarterly, as well as in the hundreds of conversations I’ve had with ServiceNow customers.

For example, in a recent conversation with a CIO, I had learned that he planned to lead two separate implementations of automation technology for the IT and HR divisions within his organization. Through our conversations with him, he came to realize that it would be better to align the two groups from the beginning with one single portal for service. This moment served as a realization that created better value, efficiencies, and ultimately happier employees. It took a leader who wasn’t afraid to have a difficult discussion with a counterpart.