The new world of work

Dave Wright on innovation done right

digital transformation

The pandemic ushered in a new world of work, forcing organizations to adopt new technologies, rewrite their business processes, and respond to a workforce calling for flexibility and freedom.

Dave Wright is closely observing these changes and has seen the impact of enterprises boldly embracing digital transformation. As ServiceNow’s chief innovation officer, he has helped many large organizations implement technologies that create efficiencies, streamline business processes, and reduce costs while also improving excellent employee and customer experiences.

From this crisis, a new opportunity has emerged. If the early stages of the hybrid work era were defined by reactivity, the next stages will be defined by foresight. Instead of retrofitting 20th century models of work onto 21st century ways of working, organizations now have an opportunity to start from a blank slate.

Innovation and optimism will come together to define a new era of work that will come in all shapes and sizes.

Join Dave as he explores breakthrough concepts and get a look at his take on transformation done Wright.