Tech and employee experience in the hybrid workplace

A conversation with Chris Herd of Firstbase HQ

The McKinsey Global Institute recently reported that remote work will increase four- to five-fold post-pandemic, a dramatic shift that will prompt significant, long-term change in the way work gets done.

Industry experts are predicting, among many things, the decline and gradual death of the traditional office 9 to 5, the rise of technology to drive efficiency, and the emergence of remote-first operations.

Every business is different, but one thing’s for sure: the drive to meet the needs of today’s businesses and employees will see the future of work post-COVID go hybrid – neither 100% office-based nor 100% remote. And tools like the Now Platform make it possible for people to be more productive working from anywhere, whether in or out of the office.

For one perspective on the future of work, our global VP of innovation at ServiceNow, Chris Pope, spoke with Chris Herd, founder and CEO of Firstbase HQ.

A strong proponent of a remote-first approach to work, Herd’s firm helps nearly 13,000 organisations around the world to equip their 24 million aggregate remote employees with the tools they need to make work succeed, wherever they are.

Find out in this episode:

  • Why embracing remote working can be a do-or-die moment for organisations – 3:05
  • The impact low-code technology will have on the future of the employee experience – 7:15
  • How new hybrid work models are key to keeping and attracting top talent – 9:37
  • How new ways of working instill a better work-life balance – and facilitate higher productivity – 12:19
  • Why going remote can build stronger local economies, and what that means for your business – 17:06
  • The hobby renaissance: How remote work is giving back to employees and supporting their mental health – 19:05