Are you growing an innovation culture?

Benchmark your organization against 1,000 C-suite leaders worldwide

Innovation is vital for companies to compete and win—especially during turbulent times. While there’s no single recipe for developing a successful innovation-embracing culture, leading companies find a mix of the right technology and the right people is key, according to a ThoughtLab and ServiceNow global survey of 1,000 C-suite leaders.

The survey found that, across companies, modern IT platforms are the top investment in developing an innovation culture. But it’s not the only step that matters. People, including employees, customers, partners, suppliers, contractors, and others are also critical.

Perhaps you think your company does a good job nurturing innovation. Or maybe not so much. Scroll down to begin our self-assessment and see how your company stacks up with others worldwide.


In which of the following areas has your organization made significant progress in building an innovation-supporting culture? (Select all that apply.)

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You're a beginner

How all organizations rank

There’s work to do, but don’t be discouraged! You’re among the 25% of survey respondents who rank as beginners. (By comparison, 53% are intermediates and 22% are leaders.)

Many companies report struggling to figure out where to begin with innovation, how and where to invest, how to develop an innovation plan, who to involve in the decision making, and how to give people the tools and technologies they need to carry out that plan.

Keep going! Although more challenges await—leaders, in fact, report more challenges in developing an innovation culture than those lower on the innovation maturity curve—but benefits abound. Greater revenue. Improved customer satisfaction. Better products. Reputational improvements. Read the full report for more advice.

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You’re an intermediate

How all organizations rank

You’re among good company! The majority (53%) of survey respondents rank as intermediates. (By comparison, 25% rank as beginners and 22% rank as leaders.)

You’ve made progress in developing a culture of innovation, but there’s more work to do. Innovation is an ongoing, critical, and complex endeavor. Perhaps your organization has struggled to invest in effective technologies to nurture innovation. Or perhaps it has failed to hire the right people to communicate an innovation vision to employees and customers.

There’s no single strategy to innovate, but in leading organizations, technology and people are front and center in any effort. Read the full report to learn what leaders are doing right.

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You're a leader

How all organizations rank

Congratulations! You’re among the 22% of survey respondents who rank as leaders. (By comparison, 25% rank as beginners and 53% rank as intermediates.) You’ve made progress in orchestrating the technology, people, and processes needed to nurture a culture of innovation and seen the benefits. However, there’s still a lot to figure out. Those like you, at the top of the innovation maturity curve, report that even with the benefits accrued from innovation, they experience ongoing and increasingly complex challenges.

Read the full report to better understand how you stack up against other organizations—and how to get even more value from your efforts. (Hint: Look beyond the board and senior executives when formulating and vetting innovation-related investments and decisions.)