Knowledge 2021 sessions CHROs won’t want to miss

Calling all CHROs! Knowledge 2021 is right around the corner. With an exciting lineup of speakers, sessions, and keynotes, there’s something for everyone.

Here are a few great sessions you won’t want to miss:

The Knowledge Opening Keynote: Workflow your world, by ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott, explores why workflows are critical doorways to long-term business success.

Creating an Inclusive Workplace. Research tells us that diversity, inclusion, and belonging are no longer “nice to haves” but rather business imperatives. Join ServiceNow Chief Customer & Partner Officer Lara Caimi for this Think Big session with Accenture CIO Penelope Prett to discuss promoting an inclusive workplace and an accepting corporate culture.

Fireside chat: Empowering The American Rescue Plan. The American Rescue Plan offers federal, state, and local government agencies resources to restore communities. This Think Big session shows how ServiceNow is empowering these institutions to create great and sustainable citizen experiences.

Roche: Transforming people and culture. Roche is undergoing a transformation at the operational and cultural level to boost efficiency and effectiveness. In this session, Roche covers the Roche One principle, which aims to remove silos and ease access to internal resources.

Breaking rules while breaking ground. Arlan Hamilton started Backstage Capital from the ground up while homeless. She has since raised more than $15 million and invested in more than 180 startup companies led by founders who identify as Black, women, and/or LGBTQ. Soledad O’Brien talks with Hamilton during this Think Big session about how she started Backstage and the challenges and opportunities she’s faced.

The next wave of COVID: How CSM takes on mental and behavioral health. This session will focus on trends and solutions to address mental health as an important value-based activity. We will talk through the importance of developing the critical workflows to help payers, providers, and individuals collaborate to improve employee mental health.

Stories as diverse as America: A conversation with Soledad O’Brien. ServiceNow’s Nick Tzitzon sits down with O’Brien for a candid Think Big session about her own story, how she’s using her platform to inspire conversations about race, diversity, and social justice, and her thoughts on what leaders can do to better integrate diversity into their organizations.

Racism in  the workplace: How technology can help transform organizations. Many companies tout an increasingly diverse workforce but often fail to build cultures that respect, maintain, and leverage the benefits of diverse work environments. In this Think Big session, professor Courtney Cogburn, a leading expert on structural and cultural racism, talks with ServiceNow’s Vanessa Smith about strategies for reimagining organizations, cultural transformation, and moving beyond implicit bias.

Fireside chat: Digital transformation in the new world of work. The new world of work requires organizations to reimagine how work gets done while encouraging their people to remain distinctly human. Hear from Deloitte and ServiceNow on how to make digital part of your organization’s DNA and use work as the driving force for change.