Practising what we preach

ServiceNow is customer zero for the Now Platform

ServiceNow uses and tests their own technologies within the business before releasing to customers.

From more engaging employee experiences to boosted customer loyalty and increased agility, productivity, and efficiency, ServiceNow’s 6,900 customers have pretty big expectations of what we need to deliver.

We aim to meet those expectations—not least by practising what we preach. ServiceNow uses and tests technologies within its organisation before releasing them to customers.

This real-world usage provides highly effective quality control that helps us refine our capabilities. We also generate value and innovation gains across our own operations.

As part of our Now on Now programme, we use our own technology to deliver benefits across our business—charting our digital transformation journey to improve the way we work and keep pace with growth.

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Through the programme, we use the Now Platform to better connect people, functions, and systems throughout our business. Native AI, machine learning, and mobile and analytics help us develop and analyse workflows that deliver intuitive employee and customer experiences – while enabling us to scale faster.

Now on Now started within our global IT team. Over the past few years, the programme has expanded across most ServiceNow business functions, including legal, compliance, HR, finance, workplace services, and customer support. This helps our customers, our employees, and our business.

How our customers win

As a tech provider, the greatest proof point you can show to customers is how you’re thriving using your own technology.

That’s why employee feedback is an integral part of the Now on Now programme. Employees who implement and support our products provide tangible feedback to our product development teams. They also have strategic conversations with customers where they share insights about our implementation journeys. They reveal challenges, lessons learned, and value obtained.

A great example is our Now Platform Quebec release, which went live internally many months before its customer launch in March. This enabled us to identify and rectify issues early on via quarterly product reviews with our product teams. As a result, we created the best possible experience for our customers in a smooth, timely manner. We also use the Now Platform for proactive support.

With proper training and support, any employee can swiftly build apps at scale within our intuitive, low-code development environment.

Routinely, we detect and resolve issues before customers are even aware of them. Our connected digital workflows automate this work across IT, data centre operations, and customer support. Self-service capabilities are available for customers via our Virtual Agent chatbots, which use AI algorithms to contextualise related issues and offer solutions. This reduces service outages, minimises downtime, and optimises customer satisfaction levels.

How our employees win

The Now Platform helps our employees do their jobs better. As a result, their productivity and morale rise. They create better experiences by improving self-service capabilities, making it easier to find information and access services—all while expanding mobile capabilities to handle common actions and requests.

Key to this ethos is our citizen developer program, which empowers employees who aren’t professional developers to build apps using low-code tools running on the Now Platform. With proper training and support, any employee can swiftly build apps at scale within our intuitive, low-code development environment. They simply come up with an idea, have it approved, then create and iterate it.

As a result, our professional developers have more time for more technical, high-value work.

How our business wins

As first adopters of our products, we’re constantly looking for ways to increase execution speed while keeping a sharp focus on innovations that drive employee and customer satisfaction.

We always listen, we try to learn, and we act immediately on feedback. We believe it’s our continual improvement philosophy and quest for internal excellence that makes the world of work, work better for our business, customers, partners, and employees.