Return to workplace blueprint

ServiceNow shares its 6-step plan for how it will reopen offices

As the waves of COVID-19 ebb and flow, businesses are figuring out how to manage where and when workplaces can welcome employees inside.

First, there are various legal factors, which vary across borders—and even zip codes—that employers must consider.

Then, there are the feelings of workers themselves. As ServiceNow’s VP of Corporate Services, explains: “The impact of COVID-19 on individuals and households does not lessen or go away when we return to our workplaces.”

Finally, there are the health risks to consider: How must an office space change and what does it need to provide workers in order to be a safe space?

ServiceNow was able to send 100% of its workforce to work from home safely, and work continued seamlessly. Based on this experience, the company developed a return to the workplace guide. The downloadable template leverages the ServiceNow Safe Workplace application suite and dashboard.