The hybrid workforce is here to stay

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to define what work looks like and how companies service the evolving needs of their employees by going hybrid. Tech visionary Dave Wright explores the boundaries needed, rather than the structure, and the technology tapped to run it all right.


Welcome to the new world of work, where the hybrid workforce is here to stay. A lot of CEOs have reached out to me, and they’ve asked how ServiceNow is thinking about going back to work. I mean, if anyone’s figured out how to do a hybrid workplace, it’s us, right?

Well, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to define where work goes from here. Sure, ServiceNow has got the tools and the platform that organizations can use to support the hybrid workforce, but it’s not like we’ve got a crystal ball.

This is a transformative moment. The balance of power between workers and employees has shifted.

And every leader needs to think about what’s best for their organization. Freedom of choice has replaced free snacks as a top office perk. The ability for an employee to choose where, when, and how they work has become the most important factor around retention.

Leaders shouldn’t be defining the structure of how people work, just defining the boundaries that they work within.

Tell your employees what they need to deliver, and let them figure out how they want to work best. If you’ve got the technology to support that connected experience in an office or at home or in a coffee shop, then that’s transformation done right.