The future of work is mobile

When it comes to tech, work life needs to be more like real life

mobile workplace

I was CEO of eBay and PayPal during the consumer mobile revolution. I saw first-hand how quickly consumers embraced buying and paying from the palm of their hand.

Today, nearly every part of our lives is made easier because of our mobile phones. Making a reservation, catching a ride, sending and receiving money, and keeping in touch. “Emoji” is a language. “Swipe” and “snap” have new, digital definitions.

In a world with significantly more mobile connections than people, it’s clear that anytime-anywhere access to maps, commerce, music, and more has transformed the lives we lead.

Every aspect, that is, except work.

Sure, there are single-purpose mobile apps for various to-do items at work: Concur for expenses, Outlook to create a meeting, you get the idea….

This mobile-friendly work world is how the best companies will operate.

But unlike our home lives, where mobile takes what is complex and makes it simple and easy, finding answers and getting stuff done at work is still too complex. At work, employees are buried in approval requests, spend hours on the phone to fix a printer, and waste a lot of time looking for the answers they need from HR.

Why hasn’t anyone created a mobile-friendly experience for employees so we can one-and-done our work day, like we can tap two times for a mobile coffee order?

Work needs to go mobile

That’s where ServiceNow comes in. We make work, work better. And now we do it on mobile. Now Mobile sets a new standard for a mobile-friendly employee experience and moves beyond individual apps into cross-department mobile workflows that better match how people want to get work done.

Now Mobile is the first enterprise mobile experience of its kind. It harnesses the power of the Now Platform to connect departments like IT, HR, facilities, and legal, and hides the complexity of back-end processes. Native mobile capabilities are coded into the Now Platform so that companies can offer their employees easy, on-the-go experiences that make work, work better for them.

Mobile matters because employees expect it, especially new generations like GenZ. This summer, we had more than 200 interns at ServiceNow. They’ve never seen a phone booth, let alone know phone calls used to cost a quarter. They weren’t taught cursive, but they can speed-type with their thumbs. Everything from TV to music to dinner has been on-demand.

Work shouldn’t be any different. The success of our companies depends on it. Employees who don’t have access to mobile tools to get work done feel significantly less able to access the information they need. That leads to decreased productivity and engagement—two critical drivers that companies can’t afford to lose.

This mobile-friendly work world is how the best companies will operate. For example, United Airlines shared with our Knowledge 19 audience how the company is embracing mobile to empower employees to better serve customers. United has deployed mobile devices to approximately 60,000 employees.

Think about it: Pilots, flight attendants, gate agents and technicians are always on the go. But through United’s employee mobile apps, they can release a flight with a thumb print … and much more. United believes in creating a digital advantage for employees and customers, and they’re using great mobile experiences to help do it.

Mobile is a difference-maker

I’ve already seen mobile make a difference at ServiceNow. Our employees have been testing the Now Mobile app for several months, and it’s been giving back what every employee values most: time. With Now on Now Mobile, ServiceNow employees have freed up 60 hours of their time by getting more stuff done more quickly by themselves. Fixing IT issues, ordering a computer, approving a purchase order, or getting help from human resources.

Employees no longer have to open a ticket and wait for service or call someone and wait for an answer. We’ve seen a 32% increase in ServiceNow employees being able to get stuff done on their own with Now on Now Mobile. And employee sentiment of technology is up 10%. Meanwhile, departments delivering employee services via mobile have seen a 40% increase in productivity. Better experiences, greater productivity.

Only 10 years ago, if you left your phone at home, you’d probably be OK going about your day. Now, there’s no question. You go back home and get it. Work life should be more like real life. Mobile makes it so.