The high rewards of low-code apps

Digital transformation can feel overwhelming, with so many manual business processes to digitize and not enough skilled developers. ServiceNow Chief Innovation Officer Dave Wright shares how low code allows every employee to build customized business apps.


Look, I know digital transformation can seem overwhelming.

There’s so many manual processes to digitize and transform, and so few skilled developers who can do it. But whether you’re a facilities manager or a financial institute, a candy maker or a toy manufacturer, low-code development can help by putting the power to create apps into the hands of every employee.

And there’s one mortgage provider that really did this right.

Before finding ServiceNow’s Creator Workflows, their employees had to email local branches for data and manually consolidate all the information coming in from all these different systems and teams.

They tracked it with a spreadsheet, which was out-of-date pretty much immediately, and that forced managers to work overtime to understand what was going on.

So, a company did something really smart.

It built a low-code app that simplified and consolidated the process. An app that integrates systems, automatically imports existing information, and tracks every interaction.

And the results are incredible. Manual effort fell by 50%, and 50 full-time employees were able to focus on more valuable tasks, like customer outreach and customer support.

And that’s transformation done Wright.