La Liga: How technology is redefining the sports fan experience

A conversation between La Liga CRO Ignacio Carnero and ServiceNow Innovation Evangelist Julia Martensen

The pandemic has been nothing short of devastating for stadiums, whose survival relies on live spectators.

Ongoing disruption has led to widespread digital transformation. But while stadiums have made great efforts to adapt and recapture sports fans’ attention, they’ve still got a way to go. According to UK Sport, 97% of fans in the UK are now gearing up to return to live sports viewing again, so how can stadiums deliver a fan experience that will keep them coming back for more?

What’s clear is that stadiums can no longer return to ‘normal’ operations, with fans now expecting a different—and improved—experience on their return.

Technology will play a key role in improving that experience. Innovations conceived during lockdown in a bid to conserve viewership—such as connected apps, real-time streaming, and contactless journeys—have shown the world just how technology can completely transform the spectator experience. And now fans want more.

So what lessons can be learned as other clubs, associations, and stadiums prepare to open their gates again? And how can they continue to excite fans, all while sustaining their safety?

To find out more, ServiceNow Innovation Evangelist Julia Martensen spoke with Ignacio Carnero, chief revenue officer at La Liga, to discuss how technology is fundamentally transforming the sports experience.

Find out in this episode:

  • How La Liga played a role in mitigating the impact of the pandemic on local communities – 4:16
  • How fan expectations have evolved in a post-COVID, digital-first world – 9:09
  • Blurring the line between at-home viewing and the live spectating experience – 12:12
  • The technologies creating unique stadium experiences for fans – 16:04
  • How La Liga plans to digitally transform the sports experience globally – 18:45
  • How AR technology is revolutionizing the at-home viewing experience – 25:03
  • How unlocking real-time data insights will drive the future of fan engagement – 30:44
  • Why creating a streamlined, single fan experience is key to stadium success — 33:18