From chaos to control, getting enterprise technology synced

Organized, on-time rail system or bumper-to-bumper traffic nightmare? As companies look to gain better visibility and control of all their technology investments, they need to consider tools like AI and integrated platforms. Technology visionary Dave Wright explores how global organizations are building bridges between separate systems to ensure that their transformations are done right.


When I’m in Japan, I love travelling by rail. The network is expansive, the schedule is set, right down to the last minute. I know exactly where I’m going and when I’m going to get there, so I just kick back and enjoy the scenery.

IT is similar in many ways. It’s been measured and controlled for years. And if I speak to any IT department around the world, they can pull up tasks, trends, and targets just like that.

But once you move out of IT… it feels a lot less like being on a train in Japan and a lot more like driving around the Arc de Triomphe. All these departments are in their own cars all trying to get where they need to be.

But what if we knew where everyone’s going? What if artificial intelligence could sort through a massive amount of historic data and predict patterns and trends? And get these cars moving autonomously? Think about how many hours everyone would save—and how much more pleasant the experience would be.

You see, without visibility and intelligence, you’re kind of just operating on hope… and in an age where workforces are getting more distributed, you need to see and understand what’s happening… so you can trust that your enterprise is moving in the right direction. And that’s transformation done right.