Knowledge 2021 sessions CIOs won’t want to miss

Calling all CIOs! Knowledge 2021 is right around the corner. With an exciting lineup of speakers, sessions, and keynotes, there’s something for everyone.

Here are a few great sessions you won’t want to miss:

The Knowledge Opening Keynote: Workflow your world, by ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott, explores why workflows are critical doorways to long-term business success.

What’s new in IT service management. In this session, Chad Corriveau, a technical marketing manager veteran at ServiceNow, shares what’s new in IT service management.

Manage risk, security, and cost. Let’s talk about how to build resilience and confidence in your business while reducing risk and cost. With ServiceNow, you can workflow risk, security, and asset management operations within your IT department and extend across the enterprise to improve overall risk management. Join us to hear real-world customer stories and see how our solutions can work together to workflow for your organization.

Transforming delivery from traditional to digital native. In this keynote, Pablo Stern, SVP Technology Workflow, will introduce the Digital Enterprise Fabric. Part of the NOW Platform, the Digital Enterprise Fabric transforms your organization to align teams, deliver innovation quickly, monitor the development pipeline, proactively resolve problems, predict issues with AI, and automate resolutions.

Pivot to a data-driven organization. IT organizations strive to leverage data to drive actions throughout the business, but the mixed environments of legacy, cloud, and cloud-native services make this a major challenge. Join this session and hear how Accenture internal IT has pivoted to a data-driven organization.

How do I reduce hardware, software, and cloud costs? Let’s workflow it. Join ServiceNow ITAM product executives to hear how customers are achieving business outcomes by consolidating Technology Asset Management onto a single platform.

ITBM: Re-imagining complex, large-scale program delivery across the globe. Deloitte has reimagined large-scale program delivery by developing a new, digital toolset to achieve real-time insights to deliver complex transformation programs’ business value. Attend this session to learn the best approaches for managing traditional, agile, and hybrid work to deliver against business objectives.

Tricentis and ServiceNow team up to automate Fortune 50 company DevOps testing and deployments with exceptional improvements to developer productivity. Join this session to learn about the new partnership between Tricentis and ServiceNow: bringing detailed test results into the ServiceNow DevOps product to add another level to your automation. Learn how you can integrate testing into your CI/CD pipeline and automate change management approvals.