The ServiceNow origin story

What started over two decades ago as a humble IT service management provider has blossomed into a unique and powerfully flexible platform, readily responsive to customers’ needs. From AI to low-code app development, tech visionary Dave Wright explores how leading global brands are using the latest from ServiceNow to empower innovation and ensure that their transformations are done right.


I joined ServiceNow in 2011, when we couldn’t have known that cars would be doing over-the-air updates to their hardware, that thermostats would be operated from the cloud, or that every piece of media [HANDS] we consume would be based on a subscription service.

Back then, ServiceNow was just a humble IT service management provider. But I saw ServiceNow not for what it did, but what it *could* do. Even then, I couldn’t have imagined that our vision for the Now Platform was so bold that we see the total addressable market continue to grow.

Our platform’s always been uniquely flexible and responsive to customers’ needs. And we’ve been able to stay ahead of competition and help enterprises grow because we’ve always seen our product as a *service* to our customers.

And that’s served us really well, too.

As we launch new products, we get to draw inspiration from customers. But now we also get to give them the tools to innovate… To be able to take our products and extend them to all areas of the organization… To be able to build their own low-code applications…

And if we can empower businesses to innovate…

Empowering businesses to innovate, then that’s transformation done right.