ServiceNow and Adobe: Reimagining employee experience in HR and legal

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July 19, 2021

A man with his finger on a tablet computer shows how ServiceNow integration with Adobe Sign improves the employee experience.

Responsibilities have increased for many employees over the last year. The combination of job pressures, new virtual work environments, and personal responsibilities has caused employees to feel overwhelmed. In a 2021 Indeed survey, 52% of employees reported feeling burned out, up from 43% a year earlier.

For individuals in roles that serve the entire enterprise—such as human resources and legal—this administrative work compounds quickly. Teams can’t be bogged down by mundane, administrative, siloed tasks. The old paper-based and manual administrative processes that served organizations for years have become especially challenging as more work has shifted remotely.

ServiceNow and Adobe are transforming the employee experience using the Now Platform® and Adobe Sign. Let’s take a closer look at how this integration is improving work in HR and legal.

Making legal work flow

Nearly every business process has a legal touchpoint and involves multiple teams and systems—from managing a compliance audit to vendor and employee contracts. As organizations grow, the legal workload only intensifies, and teams need to figure out how to deliver fast results, reduce risk, and meet new demands. Ensuring the right security and compliance obligations are built into legal processes is key.

Consider the steps involved in a new vendor contract, for example. This normally requires a great deal of coordination between the department, procurement, legal, and the vendor—waiting for email responses and paper-based signatures.

With digitized templates and workflows, the department head can directly access and complete a preapproved contract template online, which is automatically sent to the right people on the procurement and legal teams. E-signatures are securely collected online using an intelligent form that guides people where to sign. Through the entire process, digital workflows provide a clear audit trail and prompts to ensure all compliance boxes are checked.

“With ServiceNow Simple Contracts for Legal Service Delivery, we empower employees to request simple but high-volume contracts with minimal legal intervention,” says Product Manager Nagib Tharani. “The workflow assembles a template contract and routes it with Adobe Sign for signature. It can optionally store the contract in the legal team’s preferred storage system of choice.”

According to a Forrester study, Adobe Sign delivers high return on investment, with up to 28 times faster average time to get a signature.

Empowering HR processes with digital workflows

HR plays a critical role in supporting business growth, yet the team is often buried deep in repetitive, transactional work. Coordinating everything remotely has made things even more complicated.

By digitizing paper-related tasks, such as employee onboarding, ServiceNow and Adobe are making it easier for employees to get what they need fast while freeing HR workers from mundane tasks so they can focus on the work that matters most.

With digital workflows from ServiceNow HR Service Delivery integrated with Adobe Sign, new hires can fill out paperwork online from anywhere, on any device. Every aspect of the onboarding process is handled digitally—from completing forms to securing e-signatures to routing documents to the right HR team members. The status of every form is automatically tracked in one place, providing simplicity and visibility while ensuring compliance.

This same approach can be replicated across nearly every paper-intensive HR interaction—nondisclosure agreements, benefits enrollment, and other standard forms.

Boosting employee productivity and engagement

HR and legal are ripe with opportunities to unlock greater agility and efficiency by eliminating silos and manual processes. The integration of Adobe Sign and the Now Platform:

  • Speeds workflows
  • Ensures business continuity
  • Unlocks productivity
  • Enables employees to spend more time on meaningful work that drives growth and revenue

Learn more about how ServiceNow and Adobe can help digitally transform your organization. You can also sign up for a free 30-day trial of Adobe Sign for ServiceNow.


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