Meet Yannis: ServiceNow France leader driven by purpose and diversity

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July 23, 2021

Meet Yannis: ServiceNow France leader

Liberté, égalité, fraternité is the national motto of France and a cornerstone of French culture. As ServiceNow builds its culture in France, what better example to follow than liberty, equality, and fraternity?

Under new leadership in 2021, ServiceNow France offers employees an inclusive, collaborative environment that combines the advantages of a major tech company with the opportunities normally associated with start-ups.

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“I had heard increasingly good things about the ServiceNow platform,” says Yannis D., area vice president and general manager of ServiceNow France. The Now Platform is an enabler of digital transformation, not just a product to sell, he adds. “The more I discovered, the more I found something very special. In every conversation I have with customers and partners, they say the same thing.”

A purpose that makes an impact

Working with ServiceNow is not just a great opportunity to use a great technology platform. “Companies need to have a positive impact on society,” Yannis says. “For me, it’s mandatory to work somewhere with values that aim to change the world, to make the world a better place for everyone.”

Purpose is what made ServiceNow so attractive to Yannis. He says the company’s focus on diversity and belonging, and a togetherness among its employees—a culture of fraternity, if you like—is the “je ne c’est quoi” that led him to join. It's what sets ServiceNow apart from other companies in technology, he says.

“I think 99% of tech companies just want to do business, but we are a bit different. Why we are here is to have an impact, and I see the passion to do that in ServiceNow. Together, we really can move mountains,” Yannis notes.

"Why we are here is to have an impact, and I see the passion to do that in ServiceNow. Together, we really can move mountains." Yannis D., Area Vice President, General Manager, ServiceNow France

ServiceNow’s purpose is to make the world of work, work better for people, so we’re about more than transforming businesses and delivering sales figures, Yannis explains. We make customers’ employees’ work simpler and more effective, which makes a positive difference in their lives. “We have the people, the energy, and the platform to make things happen,” he adds.

Embracing diversity

We also believe we have a duty as a company to help address society’s challenges, “so we put our values and our culture of diversity, inclusion, and belonging at the top of everything we do,” Yannis says. “This is why in France, we invest in three main initiatives: Women at Now, Diversity at Now, and a new, pro bono project with La Croix Rouge [the French Red Cross].”

ServiceNow has a diversity of people and a diversity of minds, contributing to a collaborative atmosphere where everyone makes a difference. It comes right from the top of the company, Yannis says, and gives new hires a tremendous opportunity to contribute to the accelerating growth of a company in a unique position to win new customers in France. You could be part of an exciting journey and help shape where that journey leads.

According to Yannis, new hires have the freedom—the liberty—to focus on their roles because they’re empowered by the backing and setup of a large company. At the same time, ServiceNow’s approach has the mindset of a start-up where people are free, flexible, and agile in the work they do. “We are in the take-off phase. It’s exciting!”

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