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November 24, 2021

3 ServiceNow employees who work on the data science team

These days, any tech company can say it’s innovative. At ServiceNow, we don’t just say it—we practice innovation in everything we do, especially in India. With a global focus on artificial intelligence and its uses within data and analytics, ServiceNow India has dedicated an entire data science team to predictive analytics. 

“That is just so next-gen,” says Puneet H., senior manager of data analytics. “If you look at our three-year strategy, we're looking at guided selling and marketing. All we’re saying is that our data analytics team will tell the seller, marketer, whoever it is within your organization what to do next with this artificial intelligence data. Not many organizations are doing or thinking about this today.”

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Hooray for hackathons

 ServiceNow is constantly training engineers in the latest technology, according to Puneet. “All of our engineers who are joining today are HANA or Tableau engineers. We're moving to Snowflake, and we're going to upscale them to train on Snowflake, which is probably the latest technology out there. It's fabulous for our employees,” she says.

Puneet joined ServiceNow in 2019 and has witnessed excitement for this upscale initiative via hackathons. Hackathons typically bring out the highest participation, making them an employee favorite.

“When a hackathon is announced, we have so many people enroll. The enthusiasm I’m seeing is just incredible. Beyond that, people are allowed to bring their real selves to work. If you've got a suggestion, you've got a thought, you've got something that you want to share, bring it to the table. There's no stupid idea nor stupid thing to say.” 

This passion is what keeps Puneet excited to go to work every day.

"People are allowed to bring their real selves to work." Puneet H., Senior Manager of Data Analytics, ServiceNow India

Working on cool things

The next-generation technology is what inspired software engineer Abhijith M. to start his career at ServiceNow in 2019 as an intern. He’s currently on the platform team and works on IntegrationHub—the engine responsible for incorporating various third-party systems, specifically spokes. Spokes enable the execution of third-party APIs.

Abhijith heard about ServiceNow from classmates and applied to the company while finishing his degree. “I was really fortunate to be able to get into the company on my first try,” he says.

Working with third-party systems has allowed Abhijith to explore the technology of other companies as well. “I got to experience a lot of different integration mechanisms,” he notes. “I get to explore different kinds of APIs that other companies provide and see different kinds of challenges. I also get to work on cool things such as the designer engine.” 

Supporting design engines and working with different issues has enabled him to work on remapping two legacy products of ServiceNow.

Although everyone in India is working from home, Abhijith really enjoys how ServiceNow feels like a startup because it gives him a chance to get involved in a project from start to finish. When he first started with the company, he worked on spokes. He wanted to try new things, and his managers provided him with that opportunity.

“ServiceNow gave me the flexibility to work on different projects, and I believe that's very important for an engineer to have that flexibility because we are usually eager to learn new things,” he shares.

“ServiceNow gave me the flexibility to work on different projects, and I believe that's very important for an engineer to have that flexibility because we are usually eager to learn new things.” Abhijith M., Software Engineer, ServiceNow India

Innovation is nothing new

Sujit S., director of software engineering management at ServiceNow, has been with the company for almost eight years. He believes innovation has always been well promoted in India.

“A lot of people at ServiceNow India have worked on ideas which did not come from project management. They have filed patents too, showing that innovation is very well supported and encouraged,” Sujit says. Even in the middle of a pandemic, teams at ServiceNow are developing applications with monthly releases, not something every company can do. 

With passion for technology and engineering, Sujit knows he and his team of 15 engineers will produce strong results and deliver the best products. “I want people who are passionate about technology, who are passionate about engineering, who are passionate about design and architecture. I will show them how to develop their skills at ServiceNow,” he says. Mentorship from an eight-year veteran can go a long way toward career growth and development.

For Sujit, ServiceNow is a place where you can foster innovation by following your dreams to make things happen. This is what he promotes to entice candidates to join his team rather than other competing organizations.

If you’re looking for innovation and the opportunity to grow your career and be part of a passionate team, ServiceNow is the place for you.

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