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September 28, 2022

The role of the manager: a manager and employee in conversation on a couch

The workforce is facing massive disruption. A skills shortage is challenging leaders to rethink their talent strategy. And 81% of workers feel at risk of burning out, according to a study by Mercer.

At the same time, employees are reevaluating what they want from work. A lack of flexibility and limited opportunities for advancement are among the top 10 reasons U.S. workers left their jobs in 2021, according to Pew Research. Business leaders today know that the employee experience will remain critical amid every workforce challenge they face now and in the future.

The evolving role of the manager

Managers sit at the center of this workforce disruption. As the connective tissue between an organization and its employees, their role is more complex, and more important, than ever before.

Over the last few years, the function of the manager has evolved from a driver of deadlines to a coach who connects employees to the right projects, roles, and resources. People leaders need to focus on team well-being, ensuring employees have the right tools and opportunities to be successful from anywhere.

Unfortunately, the technology managers use every day wasn’t built for them. They deal with too many point solutions that don’t work together. A study of Fortune 500 companies revealed U.S. employees toggle between apps and websites roughly 1,200 times each day. What if we could change all that?

Introducing Manager Hub

ServiceNow® Manager Hub is a purpose-built destination that provides personalized resources to help people leaders stay informed and engaged with their teams. It streamlines work so managers can focus on their people, not processes.

We launched Manager Hub as part of the Now Platform® Tokyo release. Based on hundreds of hours listening to the unique needs of our customers and their employees, it’s a single platform that powers the entire manager experience.


Here are four of my favorite features:  

1. Employee journey oversight

Employees experience numerous professional and personal milestones throughout their careers, some of which require actions and approvals by managers. Directly from within Manager Hub, people leaders can view team statistics, important dates, tasks, and requests, making it easy to get work done from a single location.

For example, an employee who just got promoted might need specific training for their new role. With Manager Hub, a manager can congratulate the employee on achieving the milestone, view the training required, and send reminders to complete it.

2. Simplified approvals

Managers spend way too much time on approvals, ranging from time sheets and expenses to personal time off and equipment requests. Often, these requests and approvals take place in disparate systems. A technology request, for instance, might come through an IT system while a time-off request comes through human resources.

Now, managers can view and approve tasks without ever leaving Manager Hub. This helps them focus on the most urgent matters. It brings requests from anywhere across the organization to a central location, giving people leaders visibility into the most important matters to be addressed immediately.

3. Resources and relevant communications

Organizations need to communicate with and disseminate information to employees regularly. When managers are inundated with company communications, that can quickly get overwhelming.

Manager Hub provides a single destination for managers to access curated content such as company news and announcements, knowledge base articles, guides, and tips to lead their teams. Notifications and alerts encourage people leaders to take quick action to address the team’s most urgent needs.

4. Employee personas

For a manager leading a global team, it can be difficult to keep track of local policies that affect individual team members. Manager Hub allows managers to view content through the employee persona so they can rapidly become familiar with policies that impact their team.

Award-winning technology

I’m excited and humbled to share that Manager Hub was recently named a 2022 Top HR Product at Human Resource Executive’s HR Technology Conference, which recognizes innovation in the HR space.

ServiceNow Manager Hub named a top HR Product of the Year by Human Resource Executive

Amid the major workforce challenges affecting every company today, our goal is to simplify the employee experience across the enterprise. We believe this award validates Manager Hub as one small step in that process. We’ll continue to innovate while keeping our focus on people.

Find out more about Manager Hub.

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