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January 14, 2022

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In today’s highly competitive and volatile business environment, service outages can result in the loss of customers. Because of those high stakes, it’s imperative that companies take action to avoid outages. But how can you prevent them before they happen?

Enter artificial intelligence (AI). AI and machine learning can run in the background to monitor systems and detect anomalies before humans can spot them. ServiceNow Predictive AIOps was designed with this purpose in mind. It can help:

  • Prevent critical service outages.

  • Slash response time.

  • Focus on key issues.

  • Empower IT teams.

Adopting AI can be a big step in the right direction. These four ServiceNow webinars can help you keep your business-critical systems running:

Simplify IT management

No company wants IT issues to impact their users or business. To keep that from happening, you need to simplify your IT management. Learn how Predictive AIOps helps those efforts in our Predict and prevent issues webinar.

ServiceNow experts will walk you through the transformative benefits of the product and discuss the expected outcomes of implementation. You can see for yourself how it works with a live demo.

Go from reactive to proactive

Four common challenges often prevent organizations from keeping service outages at bay: the cost of data scientists and customization, limited understanding of telemetry data, lack of business service context, and the inability to take integrated actions.

In our Getting off the AIOps launch pad webinar, Matt Gowarty, senior product marketing manager for IT Operations Management at ServiceNow, discusses how to overcome these challenges and transform from IT operations from reactive to proactive. You’ll discover how you can predict issues before they happen, prevent impact on your end users, and automate remediation with cross-team workflows.

Improve IT health

Excessive event noise, disjointed manual tools, and siloed operations can keep business-critical services from operating optimally. Yet, those are everyday occurrences. You need a way to improve the health of your digital services. AI-powered service operations and Predictive AIOps can help.

Watch AI-powered service operations and predictive AIOps just got real part 1 to learn about the power of this combined solution. It can help your organization predict and prevent outages, reduce event noise and mean time to resolution, and help keep your digital services available and responsive 24/7.

Glean insights from others

Take a deeper dive into the benefits of AI-powered service operations and predictive AIOps in part 2. In this session, ServiceNow experts will walk you through industry use cases.

Find out how Accenture transformed its IT operations management and went on to help other companies do the same. You’ll also discover how ServiceNow implemented Predictive AIOps internally to keep our business-critical systems online. Glean takeaways to apply in your organization.

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