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May 23, 2022

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, commemorating the invaluable contributions of the AAPI community. At ServiceNow, we extend the focus beyond America to include Asians and Pacific Islanders everywhere. Our theme this year is “Be seen. Be heard. Be united.” Three employees share their stories that embody this spirit.

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Fighting stereotypes

Sheila D., publishing and operations director, is a first-generation Filipino American fighting against the all-too-rampant Asian stereotype. “Oftentimes, we’re seen as a giant monolith,” she says. “We are the cartoon character of what it is to be Asian.” 

Sheila also serves as the marketing and communications lead of the Asian & Pacific Islander Belonging Group at ServiceNow—one of eight employee Belonging Groups. The API group fosters a community of API employees and their allies to provide a space of mentorship, empowerment, and support. With the recent rise of violence against the API community, Sheila feels the API Belonging Group is a place of refuge where employees can come together and heal.

Embracing origins

Andrew B., a senior technical trainer, didn’t always resonate with his Indian heritage as a youngster because his family didn’t come to the US directly from India. But he was ultimately able to find his community. Like Sheila, he wants to “break down the labels.” 

Dylan K., producer and production supervisor, struggled to find her identity growing up in Hawaii as half-Indonesian, half-Scottish and Irish. “I’m not Asian enough. I’m not white enough,” she says. “Where do I fit in?” 

Nowadays, Dylan fully embraces her origin, especially in a place like ServiceNow, where her background is not only accepted, but also celebrated. 

Our API community is multifaceted, multitalented, and ever-expanding. Each and every one of our API employees is “deliciously layered,” just like Sheila, and we’re grateful to honor them not just this month, but every day.

Hear more of these employees’ stories in the video:


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