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March 18, 2022

New world of work: 3 ServiceNow employees

At ServiceNow, we’ve adjusted to the changing times, encouraging our employees to work in the most efficient and safe ways available to them to embrace the new world of work. We’ve embraced the distributed work model. 

Three of our global employees are proving it’s possible to adapt to new working environments and thrive—no matter where they are. Their jobs have impacted their personal decisions to work remotely full time, in the office full time, or a hybrid of both. 

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Full-time remote

After welcoming a baby boy to their family, Commissions Manager Rohit S. and his wife searched for childcare. Finding a nanny in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic proved difficult. So, Rohit explored ways to balance his work responsibilities with his family’s needs.

Rohit’s job, leading the sales commissions team in Hyderabad, India, is conducive to working remotely. He can effectively perform his daily responsibilities without regularly visiting a ServiceNow workplace. As a result, Rohit considered moving his family to West Bengal, where he and his wife both had extended family who could help take care of their son.

“We need to provide the child with a loving and caring environment, so I discussed moving remotely full time with HR and my manager,” Rohit says. “They were very supportive.” 

Rohit and his team have been successful working from home over the past two years, so he’s confident he can continue to make his remote arrangement work—for everyone involved. It allows for more flexibility and results in greater productivity.

“Working [remotely] is a great privilege,” he says. “We save a lot of time not commuting, because here traveling is a big deal. The time we are saving by not commuting allows us to get more work done and support our families. This blend is one of the best examples of work-life balance.”

“Working remotely is a great privilege.” Rohit S., Commissions Manager, Hyderabad, India

Hybrid work environment

 Cristen P. is based in San Diego and splits her workdays between home and the office. A people partner manager, Cristen has been with ServiceNow for just over a year and was onboarded remotely. In her role, which involves serving employees (her customers), she feels it’s best if she goes into the office part time. Her boss supports this. 

“She told me, ‘I think it's beneficial for you to be in front of people,’” Cristen recalls. Her manager is “like a mentor to me, so she has my best interest in mind.”

Cristen’s flexible work arrangement allows her to do the things she loves, such as riding her bike. She lives about 30 minutes from the office, so she can’t cycle to work. But she hauls her bike to the office whenever she can. 

“If I get to work early, if it's quiet, and I don't have meetings, sometimes I’ll just put my phone in my pocket and I’ll go on a bike ride,” Cristen says. “After, I’ll check in and then do some work until 7 or 8 pm. I love that there's that flexibility and it's quieter.” 

The flexibility has helped Cristen’s mental health. “It provided some structure for me because we were at home and things started to get a little repetitive,” she explains. “Dressing up to go back to work started to feel nice—to switch up my routine a little bit.”  

The office also provides space for Cristen to collaborate with and be inspired by her teammates, to ensure employees and customers are successful.

In October 2021, ServiceNow announced a 30-day work from anywhere benefit (conditions apply). Cristen says the Pacific Northwest has been on her mind since the announcement. “I have family in Portland and Seattle, so I think at some point...I’m going to take advantage of this. I’ll get to hang out with my family and make a mountain bike trip out of it.”

“I feel this is the first time that I’ve ever had a supervisor show understanding.” Cinthya S., Workplace Services Site Lead, New York

Full-time in office

For Workplace Services Site Lead Cinthya S., work hasn’t slowed down since the pandemic. Because Cinthya is the only one who manages the office building in New York City, she generally needs to be in the workplace each day. But there are some days she still works from home. 

Her job is important to the lifeline of the office because she’s responsible for keeping the New York workplace up and running. She’s also raising two young children who are learning from home. How does she do it? Through hard work and support from her manager. 

“I feel this is the first time that I’ve ever had a supervisor show understanding,” Cinthya says. “He checks in on us almost every week and is constantly finding new ways for us to get work done remotely when there are days I can’t go into the office and have to work from home.”  

What does a typical week in the office look like for Cinthya? “Mondays are usually my busiest days, because I do a lot of office maintenance, such as updating our playbooks and completing health assessment scores,” she says. 

“Tuesdays and Thursdays are when I have most of my work calls. My boss and I meet a lot of talk about return-to-workplace phases, to make sure everyone knows what’s going on and has proper and clear communication.”

ServiceNow gives employees what they need to be successful, including a flexible work environment that contributes to high productivity across the company and around the globe. 

Embrace the new world of work at ServiceNow. Browse our job opportunities.

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