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April 01, 2022

Sales career in Korea: Hear from 3 employees

In South Korea, hard work is a virtue of utmost importance. This culturally embedded spirit of pride in a job well done is paying off for ServiceNow’s fast-growing Korean sales team. Employees are exploring and enjoying the company’s well-being and flexibility benefits, trust, and the globally inclusive culture.

“I feel like I’m on a rocket. I really feel it!” says Jaden B., a senior enterprise account executive. “The market is very interested in ServiceNow and the solutions we provide.”

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Freedom and empowerment

Jaden came to ServiceNow from a company that already had a strong foothold in Korea. Now, he’s building the foundation for what’s to come at ServiceNow, he says. “It’s challenging, but that’s why I’m enjoying it. I really feel supported to try new things.”

Like Jaden, Heejung O. cherishes the freedom to own her work, as that's not the cultural norm in Korea. “I couldn’t do that at other companies,” explains the solution sales executive, who’s been in her position for eight months. “ServiceNow is more flexible, and it made me feel very creative. Also, there was no solution sales executive before me, so I’m the pioneer.”

Heejung is also energized by the fast growth of the team. “It's very exciting. I’ve never seen this kind of organization growing so fast. There are lots of people newly joined, with different roles and responsibilities. I think, ‘Wow! Our company is growing, and I’m part of it,’” she says. “That’s why I’m very happy.”

She also loves learning about diverse perspectives from her colleagues, including her manager, who’s based in Australia and often travels to Singapore.

I feel like I’m on a rocket. I really feel it! The market is very interested in ServiceNow and the solutions we provide. Jaden B., Senior Enterprise Account Executive, Seoul, Korea

A look back

As one of the first employees on the Korean team, Mark J., a senior enterprise account executive, reflects on the early days, which weren’t that long ago. “When we were just starting, it was just me and a few other people. We went from three to more than 40 people in just two years,” he says.

When Mark started at ServiceNow, a large client company headquartered in Korea had to work mostly with ServiceNow’s English-speaking team members. “Now we can answer their questions real time in Korean. It gives the client confidence to ask questions more freely, as the language barrier is reduced,” he notes.

“Before, there was a lot of back and forth, some confusion. Now, the client is very happy to have this personal relationship,” he adds. “And, with our technology, we were able to take them off their old legacy systems into a new, much more efficient platform to manage their IT systems.”

Work-life balance

When he’s not working, Jaden cherishes time with his 5-year-old daughter. “She’s growing so fast. I don’t want to lose this moment, so I spend as much time with her as possible,” he says.

Jaden also loves ‘60s music—he even attends meetups to geek out on it and purchase albums. And recently, he took on the challenge of hiking many kilometers solo around Korea’s beautiful Jeju Island.

“Hiking really clears my mind and helps me release any tension so I can think more clearly,” he explains. “At ServiceNow, HR really lets us know that it’s important to keep balance. Sometimes I catch myself working really hard and don’t take enough time for myself. But I know this company supports balance, so I feel comfortable.”

Now we can answer [the client's] questions real time in Korean. It gives the client confidence to ask questions more freely. Mark J., Senior Enterprise Account Executive, Seoul, Korea

Mark is happy concentrating on work “because it’s so fun,” he says. But he loves to play with his two kids every chance he gets. “Sometimes they come on to my Zoom calls and wave at the camera,” he laughs. “It’s important to us that the family eats dinner together every night when my wife gets home from her work.”

Heejung has a teenage daughter and also prioritizes eating meals with her family. “We eat lunch and dinner together as a family every day,” she says. “Our favorite thing to do is travel, but we haven’t been able to, due to COVID. We’ve been reading travel books and planning a trip to Portugal for the last two years,” she shares. “We can’t wait to go.”

A place to grow

The Korean sales team is enthusiastic about the future of ServiceNow and the opportunities and benefits the company provides. “For anyone considering it, it’s a good decision to join ServiceNow’s Korea team right now,” Mark says. “You can really grow and learn in both work and life together, really having fun. But, you should have a growth mindset.”

“I’m excited to keep learning and become an expert so that I can teach new people who join the Korea team,” Heejung adds. “It’s exciting because we’re regularly bringing on new, big clients. Professionally, it’s a very supportive place to grow.”

Join us to do your best work, live your best life, and fulfill our purpose together.

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