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March 30, 2022

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The “Great Resignation” put employees in the driver’s seat. A new ServiceNow-commissioned survey suggests that Canadian workers are re-evaluating their workplace priorities.

This has led to a shift in what Canadian workers demand from potential workplaces, forcing employers to reconsider their overall experience offerings.

Canadian office workers now expect something more fulfilling and meaningful than a paycheck. In order to attract and retain talent in the new world of work, local employers must look beyond traditional workplace policies and compensations.

In search of greater flexibility and fulfillment

As companies move toward a hybrid work model, many employees are weary of the challenges caused by work-from-home (WFH) culture. Difficulty unplugging and increased burnout continue to be issues for many Canadians and are some of the top reasons office employees considered leaving their jobs. Despite that, employees did enjoy some of the perks of WFH, especially the freedom to work their preferred hours.

Beyond the desire for more flexibility, Canadian office workers want digital tools that make everyday work simpler, easier, and faster. Specifically, they’d like machine learning to handle the tasks they find tedious.

As artificial intelligence (AI) technology becomes more available and convenient, employees are looking to AI to automate their menial work tasks. AI offers the potential to decrease stress and burnout while freeing employees to focus on the more essential and fulfilling aspects of their jobs.

Click the image below to see an infographic of our key findings from an online survey in Canada.

Accessibility note: The infographic is transcribed at the end of this blog.

The Great Re-Evaluation is underway. Canadian employers must evolve with employee expectations to attract top talent. Find out how ServiceNow helps organizations prepare for and embrace the new world of work.

Transcript of infographic

The Great Re-Evaluation Has Begun

Employee experience matters more than ever.

Find out why employers need to meet evolved employee expectations to attract and retain talent.

Cash is not king

In the battle for talent, high salaries do not trump tedious work.

71% of Canadian office workers would never take a frustrating or unrewarding job, even for higher pay.

And...they also want purpose.

In a time when people are rethinking what matters to them, there is an increasing trend to do work that is more meaningful and contributes to larger societal goals.

Flexibility is desired

The most attractive thing an employer could offer Canadian office workers is flexibility in work hours.

48% of office employees say the freedom to work preferred hours would inspire them to move to a new organization.

But...they also want to keep those hours reasonable.

Increased burnout (32%) and increased work hours (28%) are the top reasons office workers would leave their current jobs.

Let them unplug

The pandemic has created many challenges that continue two years later.

41% – Difficulty unplugging is one of the top challenges of working remotely.

27% – This is one of the top reasons Canadian office workers would leave their current job.

Canadians are looking to AI to reduce stress and burnout and free up time.

Canadian office workers feel the benefits of artificial intelligence include the potential to:

  • Reduce stress – 46%

  • Free up time – 33%

  • Reduce burnout – 23%

Solutions that help employees unplug are one of the most attractive things an employer could offer office workers.

2 in 3 want their employers to invest more in solutions that reduce menial tasks.

82% - 8 in 10 Canadian office workers see automation as the most beneficial application of AI at work, especially when used for IT services, computer backups, analytics and reporting, routine tasks, spreadsheet-based processes, and more.

Good news—change is at your fingertips

In 2022, AI is an accessible and powerful tool to make an employee’s work faster, easier, and more accurate.

Discover how ServiceNow can help drive the change Canadian office workers want to see.

Start now

This online survey was facilitated by Asking Canadians. The study was in field between Jan. 10 and 18, 2022, and surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,501 English and French-Canadian office workers working in companies with 500 or more employees.

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