Using the Now Platform to scale account-based marketing

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May 25, 2022

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In a world where executive and buyer attention spans are declining, how do sales and marketing professionals create the most relevant and timely experiences for customers and prospects to learn about your company’s solutions? By designing account-specific experiences that ensure the right message is delivered to the right executive at the right time.

We differentiate ServiceNow using relevant, targeted messaging in conversations with our strategic accounts. Using digital workflows created on the Now Platform®, we’ve embraced a disciplined approach that exponentially increases the scale and impact of our account-based marketing (ABM) as a service program. Our strategy exemplifies a new way of doing business across the entire company, with a conscious effort to center all activities on a customer value model.

The industry endorses our approach. Our ABM program was recognized with ITSMA Marketing Excellence Awards for two years running, including gold awards for Driving Strategic Growth and Orchestrating Executive Engagement in 2019 and 2020.

Thanks to a mix of cross-functional teamwork and workflows, we’ve scaled our operations, improved our return on investment, and simplified enablement for the sales and marketing teams—and our customers. We also optimized our processes so our employees can do their best work.

Delivering the right message to the right executive at the right time - ABM Lite Asset Portal

Sharing content via self-service

Our ABM technology strategy is simple: We rely on Now Platform workflows to scale. A self-service model called the Global ABM Center of Excellence (CoE) offers a fully searchable resource and central hub for all ABM-related content.

The CoE provides field marketing and other internal teams with a single framework, along with centralized guidance and resources. This makes it easy to access and deliver the most relevant, business imperative-specific content to our customers. It’s explicitly designed to optimize our learnings and impact our three-tiered ABM strategy (one-to-one, one-to-few, and ABM-style self-service). By connecting previously siloed teams using the Now Platform, we can now deliver a seamless user experience.

The ABM as a service framework is the foundation of the CoE. This model automates the request tracking, development, and delivery of new account-specific assets via our internal portal. Workflows automate the process for tailoring the content to the account and help ensure the content meets brand quality standards. Using a create-once, deploy-many mindset, we can spread the cost over more accounts, resulting in a significantly greater return on the original investment.

Gaining usable insights

The ABM team delivers strategic, thoughtful marketing that’s easy to understand and implement by teams interested in rolling out effective, results-driven, ABM-style campaigns. Traditional metrics, such as the number of marketing qualified leads, don’t capture the true impact of investments in long-term senior stakeholder relationships that increase advocacy and adoption of ServiceNow.

The ABM as a service model helps us understand how long-term investments deliver outstanding return. We can measure content engagement by our global sales, marketing, and services teams. Because the model works as a continuous loop, we can easily embrace feedback and continue to improve the relevance of our content to multiple accounts.

Our strategy exemplifies a new way of doing business across the entire company, with a conscious effort to center all activities on a customer value model.

Collecting insights and data helps us identify and understand the key business issues facing our customers. We use these insights to co-create custom value propositions that highlight the business impact of the Now Platform and key business imperatives the platform can help solve.

Centralized asset and project tracking capabilities give the team a consolidated dashboard to see trends, financials, and operations. As a result, the overall asset quality has improved while lead times have dropped. Automated processes have dramatically reduced unexpected variants and inconsistent templates from our vendors and enabled us to reduce our standard agency cost per asset by up to 40%.

Realizing business-wide success

Subsequently, the ABM team has been able to reduce the number of regional silos and offer more services to more accounts around the world. We create new value for ServiceNow by innovating at scale and speed. And we see results: The CoE received approximately the same number of requests in Q122 as it did in all of 2021. In addition, the asset portal saw 10 times growth in the number of requests between Q121 and Q122.

The ABM program isn’t just a marketing success story—it’s a business-wide success story. By prioritizing and delivering value more effectively and consistently, we can impact markets across the globe. Workflows drive collaboration and engagement, enabling us to create relevant and timely experiences for customers and prospects well into the future.

Find out more about using the Now Platform in marketing at the Knowledge Digital Experience. Registration is free after selecting your time zone. Once you’re logged in, go to the Library and search under More Filters for Now on Now: Using the Scaled Agile Framework to drive global digital marketing (SES1385).

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