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March 31, 2022

Reimagining customer experience: 3 employee stories

ServiceNow Founder Fred Luddy once said, “If you have happy customers, the whole world takes care of itself.” It’s a sentiment ServiceNow believes to this very day, and it’s why we introduced ServiceNow Impact™—an industry-leading value acceleration solution that reimagines the customer experience.

Launched in January 2022, ServiceNow Impact combines human expertise with AI-powered insights to personalize customers’ digital transformation journeys and accelerate their results. It’s built on the Now Platform® and has positively impacted the customers who use it, as well as the ServiceNow employees who developed and use it daily.

It’s a story of the Now on Now spirit—finding value in our own platform technology so we can design and deliver a new experience that our employees and customers love.

A customer-first approach

For Avishek D., senior manager of software engineering management, building ServiceNow Impact changed his perception of how customers use our products. After hundreds of customer conversations, he helped create ServiceNow Impact with customers in mind, developing a platform where they could personalize their experience based on their business needs and goals.

The time spent talking with customers enabled Avishek and his team to construct a value acceleration solution that’s mobile-first, high-performing, and fueled by personalization. It’s “a product that is truly collaborative in nature, not just for customer needs, but to help them realize their goals,” he says. “That is how enterprise business development should be done.”

[It’s] a product that is truly collaborative in nature, not just for customer needs, but to help them realize their goals. That is how enterprise business development should be done. Avishek D., Sr. Mgr., Software Engrg. Mgmt., Hyderabad, India

Working on ServiceNow Impact helped Avishek grow as a team leader, he adds. The experience allowed him to see and understand the big picture of what the global ServiceNow Impact team was trying to create together. Once the 19 global workstreams started collaborating, it was smooth sailing.

“It felt natural, like we’d been working together for many years toward something great,” Avishek explains. “I felt very privileged to work with such brilliant individuals.” This collaboration empowered Avishek to lead his team to do their best work and fulfill their mission to bring ServiceNow Impact to life.

Using our own technology internally

Brad H., product owner of customer interactions, believes ServiceNow Impact could not have been possible without “putting our customers first.” After collecting customer feedback, Brad worked with various business units, including engineering and design, to help create a consumer-grade digital experience within a startup-like work environment.

“Not only did we [internally] build this modern app from scratch, but we did it using our own platform,” he says. Customers asked, “How did you build this? Did you really use the ServiceNow platform to build this?” Brad responds, “Here’s what we did with our platform. Imagine what you can do.”

ServiceNow Impact showcases the power of the Now Platform to automate and personalize the customer journey across our internal functions. It’s what Now on Now is all about: allowing employees to embrace our technology to solve internal challenges. Practitioners share their journeys and outcomes with our customers so they can see what’s possible for their organizations.

To contribute to the launch of ServiceNow Impact, Brad and his team made use of customer research, participated in design meetings and demos, and collaborated as one team to ensure everyone worked toward the same goal.

“There's a saying my former coach, Jim Harbaugh, would say when I played football at Stanford: ‘Iron sharpens iron,’ meaning each person on the same team must work together to accomplish the same goal,” Brad explains. “I feel like on my team [at ServiceNow], iron sharpens iron. Everyone is working together, gaining new skills. ...That’s great for the company culture.”

At ServiceNow, there are always opportunities for you to further develop professionally. Had you asked me two and a half years ago, when I first joined, [if I] would find myself in this position, I would tell you, ‘No way.’ Jennika E., Principal Success Architect, San Diego, CA

Professional development

Principal Success Architect Jennika E. learned much about her customers in the short time since ServiceNow Impact went live. “My ServiceNow Impact account was the first pilot account,” she says. “Anyone who decides to be the first pilot account says a lot about that customer's trust and confidence in what we do.” 

The pilot experience helped Jennika develop cross-functional partnerships internally and externally. It also gave her a chance to work with an exclusive product.

“I was lucky enough to be a part of a small group of success architects who built out the engagement model for Impact,” she explains. Building and designing the engagement model made her an expert with the solution.

“At ServiceNow, there are always opportunities for you to further develop professionally,” Jennika adds. “Had you asked me two and a half years ago, when I first joined, [if I] would find myself in this position, I would tell you, ‘No way.’ It’s cool and crazy. Kudos to our leadership team.”

These industry leaders are listening to customers and responding directly to their needs through advisory sessions and accelerators. They’ll keep innovating and driving greater personalization through feedback and recommendations, so we can further scale our customers’ digital transformation needs and businesses.

Our work makes the world work.

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