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  • Sarah Tilley
April 19, 2023

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In today’s job market, competition for talent is fierce. According to a survey by Fortune and Deloitte, 71% of CEOs said they “expect talent shortages to continue.”

People are reevaluating their priorities by quitting (or quiet quitting), starting their own businesses, retiring early, searching for a renewed sense of purpose at work, or taking advantage of more opportunities given the flexibility remote work provides.

High employee turnover means the talent skills gap remains a major risk for companies. HR leaders are looking for new ways to attract and retain people with the skills to adapt to evolving business needs.

New maps for talent acquisition (TA) leaders

I know from experience how daunting these challenges are. Before I joined ServiceNow, I helped lead and centralize the talent acquisition strategy at The Walt Disney Company. Disney’s reach is vast. It’s a massive, global conglomerate that owns more than 200 companies, covering movies, resorts, cruise lines, TV networks, consumer products, video games, and more.

With 200,000 employees across brands, we had a wide variety of talent needs. When you imagine the skills required to work as a “cast member” at Disneyland Paris, it’s a very different profile from a news analyst at ABC News, an animator at Pixar, or a producer at ESPN.

Every TA leader has their own, unique set of issues. As the competition for talent intensifies, recruiting and retaining workers remains the common pain point for all TA leaders—not just at companies with Disney’s reach. Taking one look at this uncertain economic landscape, TA leaders can see they need new road maps.

That’s why I joined ServiceNow. For a TA leader who wants to power her talent strategy with smart technology and insights, this is the company with the platform and technology to design those solutions—for our people and our customers.

Recruitment has become one of the most important strategic levers for companies. It’s shifted from being viewed as a transactional lever to one that requires a sophisticated approach, grounded in data. With the rising importance of people strategy within companies, TA leaders have a seat at the table. TA teams need the right data and insights to help C-suite leaders make smart decisions and navigate the turbulent talent market.


High employee turnover means the talent skills gap remains a major risk for companies. HR leaders are looking for new ways to attract and retain people with the skills to adapt to evolving business needs.

3 ways we use the power of our people and tech

At ServiceNow, we provide leaders with the data and insights they need in three key ways:

1. Gaining a single view for quick action

The ServiceNow CHRO dashboard gives HR and TA leaders a single view of real-time data and insights across the enterprise. We filter the most important information to make data-driven decisions and can solve problems quickly.

If we see that a team in a specific location is struggling to recruit diverse talent, we can take immediate action that day. We don’t have to chase a moving target with monthly or quarterly reports.

2. Crowdsourcing the best talent

For TA teams in today’s market, it’s not enough to use data and insights. At ServiceNow, we want to go further and use the scale of our 20,000-person workforce to map the best talent.

That’s why we’re developing new ways to identify top achievers across the talent landscape—all based on crowdsourcing from our employees and their professional networks. We’re also working on new ways to better quantify and innovate our “quality of hire” measures so that we can focus on recruiting and developing the best talent at all levels.

3. Simplifying the hiring process and reducing bias 

No matter the size or industry of the organization, we all want our TA teams to be more productive and efficient. We also want to automate transactional processes for our hiring managers and recruiters so that they can do more of the strategic work they enjoy. 

We’re using our own platform to create workflows that support TA teams. For example, we needed a tool to model candidate offers quickly and easily. One of our team members got to help build the Offer Calculator in just three weeks. This helps recruiters quickly check a candidate’s offer based on anonymous comparisons and local market data.

Recruiters love this tool because they can get real-time data on how the offer stacks up, rather than scrolling through different spreadsheets and systems. Most important, it helps ensure equitable, objective offer packages.

These are just a few of the ways ServiceNow harnesses the power of our technology to simplify work and create new workflows for HR and TA teams. With solutions like these, our company and customers can feel confident competing for the best talent, no matter how tough the competition is.

Find out more about how ServiceNow helps create a unified employee experience from end to end.

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