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26 October 2022

Culture of giving back: 3 ServiceNow employees

At ServiceNow, we're committed to making the world work better. That extends beyond our tech solutions to our company culture.

So, what exactly does that mean?

Our culture is about belonging, educating, and giving back to communities. These values are very important in our large and diverse region.

Luckily, we have many amazing employees who make this a part of their day-to-day lives. But not everyone knows how to get started. That’s why we’ve focused our attention on three key areas: society, the environment, and education.

I want to dive into what we’ve been doing to celebrate our Month of Service during October and highlight some of the accomplishments I’m particularly proud of.

Supporting society

We want to encourage our employees to give back as much as possible, which is why each year they’re granted 20 hours volunteering time—on us.

It's a golden opportunity for everyone to get involved and really make a difference for a cause they care about—whether that’s picking up litter, donating blood, or volunteering at a shelter.

In addition, we recently undertook a range of initiatives, including setting up ServiceNow food banks in Switzerland and Germany, holding in-office celebrations for Pride Day, and providing support to those impacted by the Russia-Ukraine war through donations and medical supplies.

As part of our Month of Service initiative, we gave employees $20 per volunteering hour to donate to charity, double the usual rate. We’re also getting people involved in our group litter pickup initiative, a Climate Impact Week collaboration, and more.

We’ve already reached $804,000 in donations companywide, and I’m excited to see how much more of an impact we can make over the next quarter.

Environmental efforts

Working toward a sustainable future is a top priority for us. I’m really pleased with our accomplishments in this area.

For instance, ServiceNow worked with the Bienenbotschaft in Frankfurt to build a beehive on the premises of NABU Rosbach, in hopes of seeing wild bees make it their home in spring 2023.

It didn’t stop there. We also helped trim trees at NABU Rosbach last year to both protect and create habitats in the area.


In the face of the ongoing talent shortage, we want as many people as possible to have access to digital skills education. I’m thrilled to play a part to help make that happen with initiatives like our Girls’ Day.

Earlier this year, Girls’ Day offered a glimpse of the digital world and life at ServiceNow. Together with our colleagues, 20 schoolgirls across Germany took part remotely. They were able to ask questions, gain practical problem-solving experience, and see firsthand what technology can do in the form of a "bring your dog to school" app.

We’re continually improving our NextGen programme, an initiative that aims to help underrepresented people forge careers within the technology industry.

In 2022, a talent pool spread across different nongovernmental organizations joined us for a 10-week in-house programme with our mentors to learn the technical skills needed to thrive in the modern digital workforce. A new cohort also began in September to build on our success so far.

The initiative is all about investing our time to make an impact on the lives of bright prospects. Our aim is to build the next generation of ServiceNow professionals in the ecosystem, whether they’re working for our partners, our customers, or us directly.

Looking to the future

With more than 2,500 volunteers across the company, we’re proud of the work we’ve done to foster a culture of giving back—and we’re not stopping any time soon.

Initiatives such as the NextGen programme and our Month of Service are extremely important to our business, our people, and our future. We plan to continue to cultivate this culture.

Join a company where your work makes a difference. Explore career opportunities at ServiceNow.

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