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NextGen Programme

Building a digital workforce

The world of work works better when all people are provided access and opportunity to train and build new skills.

Today's skills for tomorrow's jobs

More than 6,300 NextGen Programme participants across 15 countries have landed jobs through training, education and our partnerships.

NextGen's goal is to provide those who are underserved with alternate paths to employment, making the world of work, work better for all people.

Cat Lang
Senior Vice President, Global Education

Empowering for tomorrow

NextGen is transforming peoples' lives through careers.

Group of people in ServiceNow NextGen Professional Program

The future gets brighter

Learning the skills required to join the digital workforce has been a game changer for this young mum.

Employee workflow solutions help remote employees stay safe

A second chance pays off

When a life-changing condition stalls opportunities, an apprenticeship opens doors.

You can make a difference

Interested in learning about our programmes or employing entry level NextGen talent?