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10 March 2023

Customer loyalty: smiling woman behind a counter handling a customer's purchase transaction

Being your customer shouldn’t take work. Customers want a positive, consistent, and seamless experience at every touch point on their journey with you. They want to engage with a company that understands their needs, resolves problems swiftly, and helps manage issues proactively—regardless of the communication channel or time zone.

Consistently delivering these fundamentals can create a cumulative connection to your brand, products, and services that builds trust. Trust over a long period leads to customer loyalty.

Putting customer loyalty front and center of your customer experience strategy can be hugely cost-effective. The cost of selling to an existing customer can be significantly lower than that of acquiring a new one. In addition, loyal customers are more likely to act as de factor ambassadors of your brand.

Toward a seamless customer experience

In many organisations, functional silos and the inability to share insights and data across departments prevent continuity and consistency, creating a disjointed, frustrating experience.

Many companies are realising a single, integrated system of action—powered by one platform, one architecture, and one data model—can revitalise the customer experience. This approach connects processes and systems across the front, middle, and back offices.

With a single version of the truth based on consolidated, real-time information, companies can automate and orchestrate work like never before. This can provide operational efficiencies while reducing time to resolution and significantly decreasing costs.

The single system of action is the engine that drives all areas of the business to think and act as one in the best interest of customers. It unites teams, processes, and systems across products, services, and subscriptions for each customer. The result is a seamless, unified, and consistent experience that augments customer loyalty.

3 ways to nurture customer loyalty

For a growing number of organisations, ServiceNow is the integrated platform of choice for a new era of customer engagement. It enables disparate, isolated teams to collaborate more effectively on the same goals and share critical data about what customers need and want. ServiceNow can help organisations cultivate customer loyalty in three key ways:

1. Make customers’ experiences seamless by removing system disconnects and enabling workers to manage requests and resolve issues quickly, communicate effectively, and predict and preempt problems.

2. Harness the power of the entire organisation by eliminating barriers to cross-functional collaboration and giving the entire team the tools and information to do their jobs with efficiency and ease.

3. Reduce the cost to serve your customers by automating highly manual and repetitive processes for employees and empowering customers with self-service options that resolve issues fast and reduce the backlog of requests.

Find out how companies are making customer journeys richer, more compelling, and more consistent in our Customer Experience Guide.

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