Meet Fabio Spoletini, the new ServiceNow VP for EMEA South

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14 September 2023

 Fabio Spoletini, the new ServiceNow VP for EMEA South

The whole ServiceNow team is united behind one common goal; to make the world work better for our customers. This would be impossible, however, without the right team — and the right leadership.

We recently appointed Fabio Spoletini as our new vice president of EMEA South. We’re excited to see what value he can unlock for customers in the region, and we hope you are too.

We caught up with Fabio to discuss his time at ServiceNow so far, the key challenges he wants to help our customers with, and his goals for the region going forward. Take a look at the Q&A below.

Tell us about yourself

Sure! So, before coming to ServiceNow I spent 24 years at Oracle. That experience took me on a journey through many different roles in EMEA, and gave me a lot of perspective around several different professional areas — sales, customer service, management, etc.

After 24 years there, I found myself looking for a new challenge. ServiceNow stood out to me as an excellent choice.

What appealed to you about ServiceNow?

First and foremost, I really appreciate the ServiceNow offering. The Now Platform itself is an extremely innovative and disruptive solution, and there’s so much our customers can do with it.

Beyond that, the company itself is inspiring. We’re seeing ServiceNow constantly changing and evolving. It’s extremely exciting, and it applies a kind of positive pressure — which I love. Everyone involved with ServiceNow wants to take things that step further, and wants to innovate faster, or think bigger. It’s a great environment to be in.

What do you bring to the role?

I want to continue the amazing work that’s already been done in the region, while putting my own stamp on it. I love a challenge, and there are plenty of challenges our customers are facing right now.

The plan is simple; work on nurturing the right talent in the region, honing the right digital strategies, and delivering value for our customers that truly allows them to accelerate their digital transformation journeys. The opportunity is there to push harder than ever before, it’s just about seizing it.

In terms of management, what are your priorities right now?

Management style in general is a hugely important topic for me, and part of the reason I’m thrilled to be a part of the ServiceNow ecosystem is that leadership is something the company takes very seriously. The amazing culture here is driven in part by leaders who put their people first.

This is something I will be prioritising both now and in the future. I’m looking to preserve the amazing culture we have at ServiceNow, keep my team happy and enthusiastic, and ensure they have everything they need to be able to deliver exceptional work.

What are the main challenges for the region?

The South EMEA region is a combination of so many different areas, and that makes for a really interesting — and exciting — landscape. From region to region we’re seeing different economies maturing at different speeds, and each of these regions have their own specific needs and cultures. We need to take this into account and work out how individual organisations can excel, while keeping in mind the priorities of the region as a whole.

For example, in the Middle East, we’re seeing a huge appetite for new business and significant engagement with the public sector. In France and Italy, however, it’s much more about finding that space for growth and transformation.

What are your plans for the region?

There is a huge amount of space for growth in EMEA South right now. Coming from a sales background, I tend to operate on the basis that every six months you should see your strategy develop or deliver.

To see regular, consistent results, and to grow both our own business and our customers’ organisations, we need to focus on talent. It’s about nurturing our own talent, delivering top-tier talent to customers, and strategically engaging with both new and old customers.

For me, it’s also important that we help customers to transform themselves. Ideally, organisations in the region should look at how they can move away from the traditional approach of business and IT. By doing so, organisations can truly embrace digital transformation both today, and for the future.

Discover more about how we could help you and your business on your digital transformation journey.

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  •  Fabio Spoletini, the new ServiceNow VP for EMEA South
    Meet Fabio Spoletini, the new ServiceNow VP for EMEA South
    We caught up with Fabio to discuss his time at ServiceNow, the key challenges he wants to address, and his goals for the region going forward.

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