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23 March 2023

Intelligent digital platform: 2 workers in conversation over what appears on a tablet

In the face of macroeconomic challenges, the tech strategy has in many cases become synonymous with the business strategy. Organisations need to do more with less, transform their business models to grow revenue, and gain a competitive advantage to weather this storm.

Ultimately, those that can find ways to accelerate the business impact of their technology investments will be best positioned for long-term resilience. To navigate this macro uncertainty successfully, organisations must orchestrate individual digital parts into the digital whole so that they work together to support end-to-end experiences. An intelligent digital platform can facilitate that.

Driving business impact

In my six years with ServiceNow, I’m proud to say we’ve been steadfast in our vision and commitment to deliver a single platform for digital business—one that helps organisations break silos, cultivate great experiences, and create business value across the enterprise.

Each year, we release hundreds of new features on the Now Platform®. Our recent Utah release builds on this momentum with net-new innovations to increase automation, simplify experiences, and offer greater organisational agility.

As president and chief operating officer, it’s my job to ensure we have continued business rigor—from innovation to execution—to provide solutions that drive tangible business impact for our customers. A few simple principles guide us:

Customers as the North Star

I spend a lot of time with ServiceNow customers and C-suite executives. They all face increasing pressure to boost productivity and efficiency while decreasing costs. They want value, they want to get to it fast, and they don’t want to make trade-offs along the way.

Take NASCAR, for example. Chris Tozier, managing director of enterprise applications, understands end-to-end digital transformation is nonnegotiable.

“As a producer of some of the world’s largest sporting events, it’s critical to have a technology partner that can create a seamless, proactive experience for our employees, fans, and sponsors,” he says. “The Now Platform is critical to helping us drive growth and save on costs so we can set a new standard of experience.”


Organisations must orchestrate individual digital parts into the digital whole so that they work together to support end-to-end experiences. An intelligent digital platform can facilitate that.

A single, unifying platform

Digital systems are fragmented. Very few companies realise full return on investment from disparate technologies. Yet they need to do more with less. What’s the fix? A digital platform that breaks down silos across legacy and point solutions.

Everything we build goes right into the Now Platform so that new technologies can be integrated seamlessly and work together from the start. With hyperautomation, AI, user experience, and security products all built on a single, unifying platform, we can scale with our customers’ businesses.

Instead of asking customers to rip and replace, we deliver innovation with minimal disruption and maximum impact.

Purposeful innovation

Our product, engineering, and design teams are a purpose-driven innovation engine that continuously redefines the future of work for an evolving world. We track technology disruption so that our customers don’t have to.

For example, generative AI is driving a paradigm shift, transforming humans’ relationship with technology in both a personal and a professional context. Businesses that don’t move fast to support this shift risk losing market share.

ServiceNow anticipates and recognises market trends like these, and we innovate accordingly. With a platform approach, ServiceNow is uniquely positioned to bring the full potential of generative AI to companies worldwide.

Imagine generative AI helping with employee onboarding and ramp-up or harnessing an organisation’s knowledge to answer customer and employee questions fast and easily. These are the kinds of cognitive assistant experiences that will help our customers maximise business impact and digital initiative success.

An end-to-end platform

I’m proud of what we’ve built: an all-weather platform for digital business. It offers fast time to value, continuous net-new innovation, and an invisible upgrade experience so customers can do more with less and transform their business models.

Organisations no longer need to choose between speed and integration, or between great experiences and business growth. Instead, they can say yes to all those things.

Find out about the latest innovations in the Now Platform Utah release in my good friend Jon Sigler’s blog.

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