Welcome to week two of Knowledge 2020!

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May 11, 2020

Welcome to week 2 of Knowledge 2020

Welcome to Knowledge 2020, week two! Last week we broke ground on our digital experience, and we are just getting started. This week, our CreatorCon Keynote is exploring how everyone, and we mean everyone, can build apps on the Now Platform.

With our new capabilities, professional developers can focus on the work that matters most. At the same time, you can empower citizen developers to unleash innovation across the organization with no-code tools and pre-built AI capabilities and models.

Quick note: to access the Knowledge 2020 keynotes and sessions mentioned below, make sure to register or sign in first.

Registration and login information for Knowledge websiteBe sure not to miss our Fireside chat with Pat Casey, CTO of ServiceNow. Pat will share stories about the history of ServiceNow, from our early days to the present, and take you behind the scenes for a glimpse of how our cloud and engineering teams are operating in this new normal.

Our keynote speaker this week will be the VP of the Now Platform, Marcus Torres. Marcus will explain how citizen developers can focus on work that matters.

This week we’re also launching a new feature,"Tell US About Your App". Built an awesome impactful app on the Now Platform for your organization? We’d love to hear about it! Take one minute to tell us about your app. ServiceNow will donate up to $100* on your behalf to support the United Nation COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund.

In case you missed it, we held a hackathon last week. The winner will be announced May 13th, so stay tuned to find out who reigns victorious.

Do you have high schoolers who are 16 years or older and eager to learn and make an impact? Our Now Learning team is hosting our NextGen Challenge, which includes training programs to help participants build a ServiceNow app that addresses real world problems. Check out the Now Learning channel for more information.

Here’s just some of the great programming to look forward to this week. Check out our selections below.

Business professional attends Knowledge 2020 digital experience

Featured Speaker

Marcus Torres, VP of Now Platform: Now everyone can build apps easier and faster
With the new capabilities of the Now Platform, professional developers can focus on the work that matters most and you can empower citizen developers to unleash innovation across the organization with no-code tools and pre-built AI capabilities and models.

Featured Session

Get an intro to the basics of ServiceNow AI
Learn how ServiceNow's Predictive Intelligence helps you take advantage of state-of-the-art AI and machine learning in your applications for end users as well as back-end business processes. Check out customer case studies and learn how to adapt Predictive Intelligence for your environment. Attend ServiceNow Artificial Intelligence: What, Why & How, and you’ll leave with a clear understanding of how your time to value can be dramatically faster and smarter using ServiceNow's Predictive Intelligence tools on the Now Platform.

Knowledge 2020 customer sessions

Customer Sessions

University of Maryland: Go on a quest into the land of machine learning
Knowing if you're ready to start is the most critical step in your ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence journey. Building a phased rollout plan for agent adoption, capturing quick wins, and maturing your solution definitions are very important. The University of Maryland has been using the Predictive Intelligence feature of ServiceNow for the last year. It’s been a fun and exciting roller coaster of a journey. Learn how it was accepted by the agents, how we 'tweaked' our solution criteria conditions post-implementation, and how we have started using the Predictive Intelligence API to best fulfill agents' needs. Since using the feature, we have seen a 77% increase in the accuracy of our data for reports by categorization and a 50% decline in our incident resolution time. Check out the session, University of Maryland’s Machine Learning Journey.

Under Armour: The Now Platform is working hard with Under Armour
Under Armour Global Technology PMO team embraced the idea to migrate the incumbent PPM tool to the ServiceNow ITBM PPM module. The results of the migration were amazing. We aligned data from demand management all the way to project delivery, made resource allocation visible to resource and project management teams, increased adoption of the PPM platform, and provided transparent information through reporting and dashboarding. Under Armour has migrated and gained the benefits via a 30/60/90 day migration strategy - an approach in reshaping the PPM platform via quick-time-to-value Agile methods. Watch the session, Igniting Under Armour's PPM Capabilities via the magic of ServiceNow ITBM.

Chevron takes you on a digital transformation journey
Don’t miss Chevron’s digital transformation story of how they deployed their digital roadmap strategy in record time with ServiceNow ITSM. Access insights on how you too can deliver agile and resilient service experiences for your people. Check out the session here: Chevron's global ITSM digital transformation in 7 months - We did it!


Genius Lounge

Welcome to the Genius Lounge sign up page. Grab a 30-minute spot with one of our geniuses and get your toughest questions answered. Really, you can ask us anything. From features and intended uses, to deep-dive technical questions specific to your implementation, we’ve got you covered. Choose an available time slot to get started. If you don’t see your exact topic, please choose the closest possible option so we can be ready to help.


But that’s not all, there’s more fun to be had! While we want you to take work to the next level, we've got some next-level fun for you, too! Join us this week for a variety of fun activities including Lego building, Yoga, HITT workout and more! Don't miss the fun every week on our Highlights and News channel.  Check it out!


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    We’ve partnered with Cristo Rey San Jose Jesuit High School’s Corporate Work Study Program since 2020 to empower students from underserved communities.
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Trends & Research

  • RPA: group of workers gathered around a conference table looking at a laptop
    AI and Automation
    Forrester report: ServiceNow debuts as a Strong Performer in RPA
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