Peripheral vision for CIOs starts with AI-powered service operations

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October 25, 2021

Peripheral vision for CIOs: A close-up of a man with glasses

Lisa Wolfe, product marketing director at ServiceNow, co-wrote this blog.

The stream of global disruptions these past couple of years has not only put business continuity plans to the test, but has also tested the ability of organizations to simply survive.

To operate at the “speed of a digital business” and to endure the next wave of unexpected change will require peripheral vision—the ability to help predict and fix issues before they impact employees or the business. That’s what ServiceNow AI-powered service operations deliver.

The evolving business landscape

Many businesses have been able to adapt to these changing times with unprecedented speed—and even grow. These enterprises were well on their way to building a digital business before the pandemic, with workloads in the cloud and a digital foundation solidly in place. This supported a work-from-anywhere workforce when COVID-19 hit.

Most of these enterprises are building digital products as well, resulting in fast revenue, improved margins, and accelerated innovation. These digital enterprises can change and innovate with astonishing speed, but doing so has led to more complexity in the underlying infrastructure, with workloads spanning on-premises and cloud environments and multiple application stacks.

CIOs are under increasing pressure to ensure the company’s existing services continue to run smoothly 24/7 in the face of ongoing global disruption while supporting the business’s need to rapidly grow and evolve digital products (see Table 1).

CIO outcomes summary from AI-powered service operations

Table 1: CIO outcomes summary from AI-powered service operations

Broadening visibility

To achieve desired outcomes simultaneously, CIOs need to see the big picture. By harnessing the power of a single IT platform for IT services and operations, CIOs can:

  • Gain peripheral vision.

  • Proactively stay ahead of disruptions.

  • Help resolve incidents in near real time.

ServiceNow® IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) form the foundation of successful service delivery. They supply the services to keep employees productive while proactively managing operations to help ensure core services keep the business running and resilient.

ITSM and ITOM can empower CIOs to identify the impact of services and operations on the business in near real time (see Table 2). Together, they deliver enterprise-wide visibility into the IT environment—both on premises and in the cloud.

Gaining a service-oriented view

ITSM allows IT to deliver scalable services on a single cloud platform to increase agent productivity by 30% and resolve issues fast—while creating amazing employee experiences. ServiceNow ITOM Predictive AIOps helps predict and prevent issues before they impact employees.

ITOM Visibility uses Service Graph, the next evolution of our native Configuration Management Database (CMDB), to deliver automated, near-real-time visibility into the true operational state of all resources and business services.

Historically, the CMDB functioned as a single source of truth for all IT infrastructure. Modern IT organizations increasingly need consistent, data-driven insight into the entire digital lifecycle, not just inventory and asset management.

Service Graph now underpins all ServiceNow solutions, enabling businesses, for the first time, to integrate technology, people, and processes into a service-oriented view.

Benefits of IT Service Management and IT Operations Management

Table 2: Benefits of IT Service Management and IT Operations Management

Technology will continue to evolve, and organizations will continue to face waves of unexpected change, from pandemics to sophisticated hacks to smaller—but no less costly—planned changes that go wrong. Learn more about how AI-powered service operations can give CIOs peripheral vision to weather the storms in our ebook.

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