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November 03, 2021

Two ServiceNow employees in Dublin reap career growth and inclusion.

"My career has grown exponentially since I joined ServiceNow. Is it because they recognized something in me that wasn't recognized before, or I’ve changed? I'm not sure, but I really feel like, at ServiceNow, I can achieve greatness," says Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) Ivan E.

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Ivan was the third employee hired in ServiceNow's Dublin office—an office that now has a headcount of more than 200. He was the first person hired on his team in 2018 and has seen the growth in the Dublin region firsthand.

Senior Enablement Manager Georgina W. started with ServiceNow in January 2021—in the middle of the pandemic—because she felt strongly that ServiceNow was “the place for her.” Although Ivan and Georgina have different experiences within their roles in Dublin, they both believe they’re in the right place to achieve their future goals.

Dublin’s best-kept secret

When you have the ideal blend of working at a great company and collaborating with awesome people, it often feels like a perfect match. That’s the case for Ivan. “I really think this is the best place I’ve ever worked. We keep hiring more people, and they keep fitting into really good teams. There must be some secret in Dublin,” he says.

Before joining ServiceNow, Ivan worked in a support role and wanted a career challenge. “I wanted something new,” he says. “I kind of outgrew the position I was in at the support level and was ready to step out of that role. ServiceNow gave me this opportunity.”

What keeps Ivan motivated and engaged at ServiceNow is the variety in his day-to-day job. He works four 10-hour days, Sunday through Wednesday. As an SRE, his role is divided—60% operations work and 40% project time in automation and development—because of ServiceNow’s 24/7 operations.

Once Ivan and his team are done with their part of operations, they hand over any open issues to the US, which hands over to Asia-Pacific, then to India, and then to Dublin. It’s a constant cycle that keeps Ivan and his team on their toes.

“I really think this is the best place I’ve ever worked. We keep hiring more people, and they keep fitting into really good teams. There must be some secret in Dublin." Ivan E., Site Reliability Engineer, ServiceNow

Growth opportunities

“The project time is fun because you encounter new situations. You will always get a new project where you know you have to do something that hasn’t been done before,” he says.

Ivan knows the possibilities at ServiceNow are endless and says he has a long way to grow. One example is that other leaders have expressed interest in having Ivan consider opportunities on their teams.

Both Ivan and his manager are open to the possibility of him moving positions internally because it means ServiceNow wants to continue to invest in his career development. This gives Ivan the freedom to explore other areas of the company and, at the same time, allows ServiceNow to retain Ivan and his talents.

A sense of belonging

Although many people are still working from home, Ivan and the team members he’s hired during the pandemic have found ways to connect virtually and outside of the office. In fact, Ivan kept that thought in mind during the interview process, ultimately hiring people he felt he could form lasting professional relationships with. Those professional relationships have turned into genuine friendships.

That inclusive atmosphere is what Georgina loves most about working for ServiceNow, even though she's never stepped foot into the Dublin office or met any of her colleagues face to face.

“From day one, the team has done a fantastic job of bringing and keeping the Dublin office together—virtually. We played a game of two truths and one lie, and we all learned interesting things about each other. I walked away with a sense that if the Dublin office opened tomorrow, I would have a connection with these people. I feel like part of the Dublin team without having met anyone in person.”   

"If you look at where Dublin is going as a tech hub in EMEA, if you're ambitious and want to progress in your carer, there's a clear path with ServiceNow on how to get there." Georgina W., Senior Enablement Manager, ServiceNow

Georgina’s primary role is to work with senior leaders across France, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and Africa to establish what the enablement strategy looks like. That covers sales, solutions, sales enablement roles, and customer outcomes roles. She’s very people-focused and passionate about learning, development, and creativity.

The values and principles ServiceNow stands for when it comes to diversity, inclusion, and belonging keep Georgina engaged and proud to work for the company. She joined the Women at Now Belonging Group as a member and the Pride at Now Belonging Group as an ally. “It’s really important to me to see how serious ServiceNow is about topics of inclusion. There’s something for everybody.”

Get on the rocket ship

Georgina has lived in Dublin her entire life and, like Ivan, was ready for the next step in her career. She believes switching companies after 17 years in the tech industry was the right move for her professionally.

To anyone contemplating a move to ServiceNow, even during a pandemic, she advises, “Don’t be afraid. If there’s a fear of joining a company and onboarding remotely, I am part of the enablement team, and I can tell you the onboarding experience is excellent. If you want to progress your career, if you look at where Dublin is going as a tech hub in EMEA, and if you’re ambitious, this is the place to be.”

Career development and inclusion are only a couple of factors driving growth and retention in Ireland. The future for ServiceNow Dublin looks bright, and Ivan and Georgina are excited to be part of it. The Ireland leadership team wants to see Dublin as a regional hub and, therefore, is investing resources into recognizing, attracting, and growing top talent. Georgina adds, “This is the talent that will take this company where we need to be—to $15 billion+.”

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