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October 08, 2021

3 female solution consultants at ServiceNow

Imagine walking into a room and noticing that everyone looks different than you. For female solution consultants at ServiceNow, it’s not uncommon to be the only female in a customer meeting. But these women are shaking up a traditionally male-dominated field and not only changing the world of work for our customers, but also the future for solution consultants.

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Strength in diversity

Diversity is an advantage because it brings different perspectives into the team, but the challenge we have is that many people, including women, are not introduced to these types of opportunities early on in their life,” shares Armgard E., a director of solution consulting.

“I’m fortunate to have met so many amazing people who have championed my career, coached me, and saw something in me that, at the time, I didn’t see in myself,” she adds. “I am working with ServiceNow’s NextGen and German culture team to drive more of these conversations with prospective talent and what we can do to encourage more youth and girls, in particular, into technology.”

Janet W., an associate solution consultant in Sweden, agrees the number of women should rise. “Before I started, I didn't know that I would be the only female solution consultant in my team. I didn't know that it was a male-dominated industry. We really need more women in these kinds of jobs, because women can do the same thing as men. I would love for a girl to start in my team and work beside me.”

"Diversity is an advantage because it brings different perspectives into the team, but the challenge we have is that many people, including women, are not introduced to these types of opportunities early on in their life." Armgard E., director, solution consulting, ServiceNow

Diverse career paths

Solution consulting plays a key role in supporting customers’ digital transformation journey, which is why diversity of thought is also critical. One way we achieve this is through the diverse career paths of our solution consultants, including through the Solution Consulting Academy.

“My career was predominantly in sales and marketing, and I was ready for a role that pushed me outside of my comfort zone,” shares Janet, who joined the academy in 2019. “As the academy welcomes people from all backgrounds, I decided to apply. When I got the opportunity, it was a huge challenge for me, but I’m so glad I took this path because I’m learning every day—new technologies, solutions, and driving C-suite conversations.”

Linda Z., another Solution Consulting Academy graduate, agrees. “Solution consulting is normally a career you need many years of experience in. The academy gave me a fast start here, and it’s a great opportunity. Even if I was here for 20 years, I could still grow my career in new areas.”

"We really need more women in these kinds of jobs, because women can do the same thing as men." Janet W., associate solution consultant, ServiceNow

Skills for success

What’s needed for a successful career in solution consulting? “For me, a great day is when I work with my customer to solve something like how to digitally optimize their whole business structure to help them survive through the pandemic,” says Linda.

“That’s why we are our customers’ best friend—a person they can call and ask for advice,” adds Janet.

But it’s the most unexpected skill that’s the key to success: dreaming. “Not only do I spend time understanding my customers’ business, but also dreaming big with them on the vision for their company and how we can turn that into a reality,” says Armgard.

And when you dream big, the possibilities are endless. “It sometimes feels like we're opening the way for a lot of other women because I think it's a place where women should be,” Linda adds. “I hope to be a role model one day.”

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