Meeting Recordings app: Overcome Zoom fatigue and FOMO

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June 02, 2021

The ServiceNow Meeting Recordings app helps users overcome Zoom fatigue and FOMO.

Deepika Dahiya, manager of the Mobile Platform at ServiceNow, contributed to this blog.

The pandemic made Zoom ubiquitous. Everyone from preschoolers to CEOs use it to meet with others. Much of what we used to do by walking down the aisle, boarding a plane, or entering a classroom can now be handled on a Zoom call.

Remote work has given rise to another trend: the fear of missing out (FOMO). At many companies, employees move from one Zoom meeting to another, forcing them to choose between Zoom fatigue and FOMO. 

[Save time and energy with the Zoom Meeting Recordings app.]

Finding a time-saving solution

In the past, the solution was straightforward. We could be productive as long as key decision-makers joined a meeting. Less essential contributors could choose to skip the meeting and receive the minutes and action items offline.

We handled this by sharing meeting notes via email. But that approach proved cumbersome, time-consuming, and often didn’t convey the tone and behaviors from the actual meeting. Was there an active discussion? Were all the salient points covered?

With videoconferencing, we can record a meeting and share it later. Recordings with transcripts enable anyone to skim the sections and stay informed without spending time on Zoom. Invitees can easily click and hear the parts of the conversation that are relevant to them and skip the pleasantries or other topics that aren’t important. This saves time.

With the advent of remote work in 2020, we observed a trend toward more Zoom recordings and an increase in the number of recorded meetings.

Meeting recordings offer other benefits too:

  • The whole discussion is digitized for future reference by everyone who can benefit—not just the attendees.

  • Everyone is more productive if only key decision-makers join the meeting while others receive the minutes and action items afterward.

  • Recordings can be auto-tagged based on keywords used in the meeting. Employees can use these keywords to search their recordings and mark favorites to watch later.

  • AI-enabled tools can automatically summarize the discussion and send notes and action items. Employees can then decide if they want to listen to the recording.

Humans retain audio-visual content more efficiently than lengthy emails with meeting minutes. Shifting to a culture where employees—especially non-key contributors—feel empowered to use recorded meetings to save time can, ultimately, boost productivity, reduce FOMO, and help them take an active role in future discussions.

Going beyond meeting recordings

In ServiceNow IT, the product incubation team looks for opportunities to make work life better for our employees. With the advent of remote work last year, we observed a trend toward more Zoom recordings and an increase in the number of recorded meetings. How could we make it easier for employees to find and use these recordings to stay current and to increase productivity?

Enter the Zoom Meeting Recordings app. It brings all of an employee’s recorded Zoom meetings into one place for easy reference—including meetings where the employee is a host, attendee, or invitee. The app is easy to use: Employees no longer have to search emails or ask the host to share recordings.

Using available Zoom APIs, the meetings are available in the ServiceNow® Employee Service Center, which hosts our employee portal, a single source of information and services for employees across the enterprise—including human resources, IT, workplace services, legal, finance, etc. The recordings are also available on the Now Mobile app.

Our employees tell us they love this meeting solution. “Being new to ServiceNow, I was pleased to see the notification on the employee homepage for Zoom recordings, where I can see all my Zoom recordings in a concise and easy-to-access list.  It is so much faster than using the Zoom app,” says Candice Sutter, a ServiceNow program manager.

“Recording Zoom meetings is a critical piece of functionality, not only for me as a Scrum Master so I can clarify what was said, but also for my team members, who cannot always attend meetings.  I am confident that the recordings are there where and when I need them.”

"I can see all my Zoom recordings in a concise and easy-to-access list. It is so much faster than using the Zoom app." Candice Sutter, Program Manager, Scrum Master, ServiceNow

Farewell to FOMO

Do we need to join every single meeting we’re invited to so we can stay informed and connected? ServiceNow employees have a choice, thanks to the Zoom Meeting Recordings app. Meeting attendance is always encouraged because collaboration drives better discussions and outcomes. But, if for some reason an employee can’t make it or isn’t part of the decision-making, they no longer have to deal with FOMO.

To find out more about how ServiceNow is experimenting with new app ideas, visit the ServiceNow Innovation Lab. The Zoom Meeting Recordings app is available to customers for free in the ServiceNow Store.

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