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April 21, 2022

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We’ve all suffered that common irritation: “A service person will be at your house sometime between 9 am and 4 pm.” In our personal lives, that can mean frustration and inconvenience. For businesses, that broad window of uncertainty can add up to real money in lost productivity.

Both scenarios can chip away at customer confidence and satisfaction. In increasingly competitive marketplaces, those agitations can even be enough to push a customer to look elsewhere.

Field service can, and should, be a revenue-generating, strategic differentiator for your organization,” says Bulent Cinarkaya, vice president of field service management for ServiceNow.

The role of field service professionals

It’s important to remember how customers view great experiences. For most, a great experience is one that’s effortless: service delivered easily and smoothly with no surprises.

By and large, the most powerful deliverer of those great customer experiences is a field service professional.

These are the people who are the face of your organization outside your physical or virtual walls. They’re 100% in the realm of the customer—whether in a home or at a business. They include equipment installers and maintainers, as well as healthcare providers and financial consultants.

Field service workers are the eyes and ears on the ground. They listen, observe, and communicate back insights that enable you to meet and anticipate your customers’ needs, and grow your business.

Empowering field workers

How do you empower your field to consistently keep you in the best light with customers? It starts with a foundation that can strengthen every element of your field service operations: a technology platform that can make work easier and better for everyone—managers, dispatchers, field workers, third-party contractors, and cross-functional teams.

To do this well, your tech platform should tap process automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and low-code tools to work in new ways and evolve with your changing needs.

Reaping rewards

On average, a single system of operations can yield a 310% return on investment, according to a ServiceNow-commissioned Forrester study.1 That return is driven by more flexible and muscular processes that unify and focus your field efforts completely on customer satisfaction. For example:

  • Antares Vision customers are asking for high-value service-level agreements.

  • Avarn Security is driving increased technician productivity and happier customer engagement with a single system of operations.

  • Tunstall is using automation to provide world-class service.

  • Princeton University is realizing “significant operational efficiencies” which, in turn, better serve its customers.

  • Jigsaw24 is working more intelligently, which helps it keep customers more fully informed.

Click the image below to see an infographic that explores how ServiceNow® Field Service Management can help you deliver frictionless experiences.

Accessibility note: The infographic is transcribed at the end of this blog.

Transcript of infographic

The field service experience

The next big differentiator for your business

Your customers rely on field service experts to make things happen and fix issues the first time.

Your business relies on them to deliver the kind of service that builds strong relationships and supports revenue growth.

ServiceNow Field Service Management (FSM) helps you:

  • Reduce cost and increase revenue

  • Retain, recruit, and onboard the best talent

  • Prioritize safety

  • Be proactive and predictive

  • Strengthen contactless service

  • Improve scheduling

  • Empower and enable people to do their best work

  • Enhance communication

We empower organizations to deliver outstanding, frictionless experiences to customers and employees.

Reduce cost and increase revenue

Take field service from cost to value creation. ServiceNow FSM enables you to adapt, innovate, and grow—at speed and scale.

“Customers are happy...and are asking for high-value service-level agreements.” - Alessandro la Greca, Technical Service Manager, Antares Vision

Retain, recruit, and onboard the best talent

ServiceNow FSM makes work easier, so employees feel valued and stay longer. It also helps you capture and share the experience of a retiring workforce.

“We appreciate the close partnership with the ServiceNow FSM team...and their commitment to continuous improvement.” - Adam Ouellette, ITSM Process Specialist, Princeton University

Prioritize safety

With enhanced tracking and step-by-step safety guidance, ServiceNow FSM enables you to meet expectations and regulations and gives you peace of mind.

“ServiceNow FSM is helping us to increase the productivity of our technicians and enhance customer satisfaction.” - Kjetil Kaarstein, Department Manager, Custom Development & Integration, Avarn Security Norway

Be proactive and predictive

With AI-powered predictive analytics, machine learning, and process automation, ServiceNow FSM helps you anticipate and meet your customers’ needs.

“ServiceNow helps us to provide a world-class service.” - Mikael Kluger, IT Support and Services Operations Director, Tunstall Nordic

Strengthen contactless service

Powerful self-service tools and innovative technologies such as augmented reality support both physical and virtual field service needs.

“Xerox and CareAR are working with ServiceNow to adapt the way we serve customers, using AI to help strengthen the customer experience.” - Steve Bandrowczak, President and Chief Operations Officer, Xerox

Improve scheduling and utilization

ServiceNow FSM matches skills, availability, and location for dynamic, automatic scheduling that reduces travel and costs and increases productivity and customer satisfaction.

“We have realized significant operational efficiencies with our FSM and mobile app implementations.” - Adam Ouellette, ITSM Process Specialist, Princeton University

Empower people to do their best work

Optimize processes and give everyone the visibility they need. With ServiceNow FSM, people can excel in their roles and focus on high-value work.

“ServiceNow makes the administration so much easier...I have more time for the customer and the fun part of my job.” - Dion Olie, Field Service Engineer, Scheidt and Bachmann

Enhance communication

The FSM mobile app provides team-wide visibility, making it easier for teams to collaborate. ServiceNow provides the insight you need to keep customers in the loop with advance warning and accurate updates.

“We’re working faster and more intelligently with ServiceNow, keeping our customers informed more effectively and more frequently.” - Ross Buntain, Operations Director, Jigsaw24

“Field service can, and should, be a revenue-generating, strategic differentiator for your organization. And we’re here to make that happen.” - Bulent Cinarkaya, GM of Field Service Management, ServiceNow

Read our ebook to find out more.

1 The Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow Field Service Management, Forrester, December 2020

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