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Jigsaw24 uses CSM on the Now Platform
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How providing a great customer experience can be an engine for growth


Reduction in time spent per case


Customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores


Cut in customer correspondence

Adding value through innovation
Jigsaw24 is one of the UK’s leading IT Value Added Resellers, trusted by an impressive cross-section of large corporate and public sector organizations, and a leading partner for the media and entertainment industry.

With multiple accreditations in both hardware and software, Jigsaw24 has built an industry-leading reputation as a bespoke supplier of services, solutions, and brands for businesses, educational establishments, the public sector, and media and broadcast operators.

Solving puzzles
After three decades of impressive growth, the next logical step on Jigsaw24’s journey was to capitalize on its strong reputation by adding a comprehensive range of technological services to its portfolio. Its aim was twofold: to provide service-focused organizational and project management, and to combine these with exceptional management support.

But achieving success in services required a cultural shift, additional skills, and investment in building and nurturing close, enduring, long-term relationships. In short, it needed world-class customer service management to coordinate and drive the next phase of the company’s evolution.

Investing in exceptional customer service
Leading the move into services at Jigsaw24 is Operations Director, Ross Buntain. “Customer satisfaction means everything to us. If we wanted to deliver great services and be a real partner for our customers, in the true sense of the word, we had to give our people the tools and the information they need to be dynamic, agile, and flexible.

“To deliver great service you need to empower your people to spend the time to really get to know customers, to talk about their goals, their problems and challenges, and to develop potential solutions. Managing that ongoing relationship is very different from managing the procurement of 1,000 laptops.

“We could see clear value in investing in the right solution that not only enables our people to deliver great customer service but one that provides a platform for growth, high standards, and best practice.

“We could see very quickly how ServiceNow would drive our service improvement and customer satisfaction forward. It was an easy decision to implement those processes out of the box,” he says.

To achieve its goals, Jigsaw24 selected ServiceNow Customer Service Management, along with Field Service Management, using leading ServiceNow implementation partner, FlyForm, for support during the 14-week project.

“The delivery by FlyForm, at every level, was absolutely flawless,” says Ross. “This was a big project with a tight timetable, but they displayed great expertise, flexibility, and adaptability throughout. It was a real collaborative effort.”

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Nottingham, U.K.

It’s fantastic that there’s so much positivity around our ServiceNow Customer Service Management platform.

Ross Buntain

Operations Director

Analytics drives service improvements
Within weeks, the Customer Service Management preconfigured portal, with Virtual Agent and Live Chat, out-of-the-box functionality, alignment with ITIL best practice, and the easy-to-use interface, was transforming Jigsaw24’s customer service performance and efficiency.

A single source of the truth, instant access to all relevant data, and automated workflows are streamlining case handling, while the ServiceNow Customer Service Management Performance Analytics and dashboards are spotting trends, setting priorities, and driving service improvements.

With a single point of contact liaising with internal colleagues and providing improved visibility on service level agreements, resolution times were soon reduced by 10%, with customer satisfaction rates hitting the high 90s based on 20% response rates—way above the industry average.

Follow-up correspondence with customers has been cut by 25%, as a comprehensive and standardized reporting platform means accurate information is captured the first time every time, while time spent on data entry has also fallen by 10%.

“It’s really simplified our workflow,” explains Dave Frith, Jigsaw24’s Head of Managed and Support Services. “We’re working faster and more intelligently now, keeping our customers informed more effectively and more frequently.

“Our service desk now has full ownership of the service process and directs requests and queries to the right team for faster resolution. Everything is managed centrally, we’re more streamlined and it’s a much better experience for our teams, using a modern, agile solution that enables them to work confidently, at pace.

“The use of dashboards has been revolutionary, pinpointing issues and prompting the right responses. And we know that ServiceNow will evolve with us, in line with our business needs.”

Feedback from Jigsaw24’s internal teams is extremely positive, as Luke Kondor, M & E services, First Line Support Engineer testifies: “I’m always wary moving to a new piece of software, especially software that I’m using for eight hours and is such an integral part of every working day—but we were up and running with ServiceNow within an hour and it’s really easy to use, which is a tribute to the user interface designer.”

“Everything’s going really well,” agrees Sarah Mottershead, Service Desk Operations Lead. “Our engineers are working a lot more collaboratively, communication between teams has improved, and as a result, we’re all operating more productively.

“Our reporting capability has improved too, so we all know what’s going on with our teams, and when we’ve needed anything FlyForm has been incredibly helpful.”

Enabling customers to swiftly self-serve via the bespoke portal is another key feature of the ServiceNow Customer Service Management platform, with a service catalog, a wide range of knowledge articles, and other resources available.

But Ross is keen to get the balance right between providing a great user experience when using the portal while ensuring that customers feel confident so that they can always speak directly to an engineer.

“The human element, the friendly face, the helpful voice on the telephone is irreplaceable, in my view. But it’s about being flexible and always offering choices to customers,” says Ross.

Having used Field Service Management to maintain service levels as COVID-19 restrictions came into place, Jigsaw24 will reap further efficiency benefits from its use of the app as lockdown measures recede, with its onsite and mobile engineers staying connected and able to constantly update the system using rich mobile functionality.

Dynamic scheduling will ensure that engineers, for many customers the face of Jigsaw24, are always in the right place at the right time, with full visibility of time allocations.

“FlyForm worked closely with our delivery teams to fully understand our requirements and outputs,” explains Ross. “They delivered a custom-built Field Service Management module that delivers to our specific requirements for managing a team of consultants, delivering multi-day projects that are controlled by our centralized Project Office. We’ve proven that, increasingly, you don’t need to be on-site to deliver a service. The remote Field Service Management app enables that.

“In addition, the solution provides a governance layer of reporting for financial and resource utilization purposes, with a mobile app that allows our remote team to easily view the daily work orders assigned to them, and to access documentation associated with the customer and the specific project they are delivering.”

Comfort and confidence
Feedback from customers is extremely positive too. “They’re noticing a step-change in our ownership of issues,” says Ross. “The knowledge that we’ve switched to ServiceNow has created an instant uplift in the comfort and confidence they have in the platform and us.

“As a leadership team, it’s fantastic that there’s so much positivity around our ServiceNow Customer Service Management platform. The transition has been very smooth—vital during COVID-19—and while ROI is important, this is really about delivering a great user experience and great service.

“This is not a toolset but a powerful platform that we can use to run our business in the future.

“I’m a firm believer in the idea of drinking your own champagne—by that, I mean if ServiceNow Customer Service Management is providing great results for our customers, we should take full advantage by maximizing the use of the solution to reap great benefits within our own business.”

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