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May 26, 2022

Knowledge keynote recap: indoor venue with ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott on stage in front of audience

After two years away, Knowledge 2022, our annual user conference, brought together ServiceNow experts, customers, and partners in four live venues: New York, The Hague, Las Vegas, and Sydney. Attendees gathered to spark new ideas, gain practical guidance, access hands-on training and interactive sessions, and network. 

Excited to be back in person, ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott and other presenters inspired attendees at the opening keynote session in Las Vegas with ways ServiceNow is making the world work using the Now Platform®.

McDermott began with a look at the growing need to develop business apps and the importance of low-code to fill the developer gap. To demonstrate the ease of application development on the Now Platform, two women faced off in a ServiceNow App Engine challenge to quickly “build an app.” One built an app to book travel. The other built one to book pet care services while at work.

The enduring platform for a fast-changing world

We’ve evolved from worrying about whether artificial intelligence (AI) and other automation technologies are going to replace jobs. Today, these technologies (AI, robotic process automation (RPA), process mining, etc.) are a critical component of survival in a rapidly transforming business environment.

McDermott shared a customer quote illustrating that point: “If I slow down investment in the short term, I may miss opportunities in the midterm and might not be around for the long term. Digital transformation is the only way forward.”

“The revolution begins here, today,” McDermott added.

The promise of real-time business has been so elusive for so long, but now it is a reality. Bill McDermott, CEO, ServiceNow

He went on to share how his CEO Dashboard gives him real-time insights into the most important data of running a business, including IT, security, customer success, customer operations, talent, finance, legal, and marketing. “The promise of real-time business has been so elusive for so long, but now it is a reality,” he said.

Innovating for the future

Chief Operating Officer CJ Desai reiterated that ServiceNow is a platform company, releasing major product updates every six months and store updates quarterly. He highlighted some of the more recent updates:

“Process mining,” he explained, “is like a Google map for processes” because it evaluates all the data and improves the way the process goes from one step to the next.

Improving the user experience

Amy Lokey, senior VP of product experience, discussed the upgraded platform experience introduced in the Now Platform San Diego release, including alerts at a glance, better navigation, dark mode, and improved natural language understanding.

She demonstrated the Next Experience, the new user interface that debuted in the San Diego release, made more powerful because it sits on top of the Now Platform with automation capabilities.

Technology strategy is business strategy. That’s why excellence is the only standard. Erica Volini, SVP, Partner Go-to-Market Operations, ServiceNow

Simplifying customer and employee experiences

Erica Volini, senior VP of partner go-to-market operations, took the stage to highlight the importance of making amazing experiences together, emphasizing technology excellence. “Technology strategy is business strategy,” she said. “That’s why excellence is the only standard.”

This includes breaking down internal silos so that employees can engage across the enterprise. She also stressed the need to continuously improve your technology landscape so that you can achieve both operational excellence and technology resilience.

“Easy is hard,” Volini said, in reference to customer and employee experiences. Creating simple experiences is the most difficult thing to do but the most important thing to achieve. Critical issues can’t be solved on the front lines alone. You must unify experiences for people across all places on one powerful platform.

Visit the Knowledge Digital Experience for more insights to help you make work better. Registration is free after you select your time zone. Once logged in, browse the Library to view more keynotes, sessions, trainings, demos, and more.

We hope you’ll join us for our next Knowledge event.

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