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March 28, 2022

ServiceNow a leader in low-code and no-code

Software users have spoken, confirming the power of ServiceNow’s innovative low-code and no-code development platform. We’re delighted that G2 has recognized ServiceNow® App Engine as a Leader in:

These rankings, driven entirely by software users, consider customer satisfaction and scale according to market share, vendor size, and social impact. (Think Yelp for software.) G2 rates products from any given category algorithmically based on user product review data and data aggregated from online sources and social networks.

What users like about App Engine

On a scale of 0 to 5, ServiceNow App Engine has an average of 4.6. Reviewers like the platform’s ability to build low-code applications quickly and the friendly, feature-packed user interface. Customization and scalability were also noted as value adds in users’ G2 reviews:

  • “The best part of ServiceNow App Engine is user-friendly and simple to customize. I like how it enables me to create applications in a very timely manner thus saving time.”

  • “ServiceNow App Engine is an extremely robust software with customization galore and full features...”

  • “Everything about ServiceNow App Engine is exceptional and outstanding.”

  • “ServiceNow is such a great and user-friendly product. We have been using it for 4+ years and it has really transformed our customer service teams ability to work with the customers.”

Anyone can be champion by developing apps that bring value and optimization to the organization by leveraging the capabilities of AppEngine.

Empowering citizen developers

Companies must move faster than ever to meet changing market conditions. Digital businesses lead with technology as a key differentiator, which is why we’re seeing growing adoption of citizen development programs and centers of excellence.

Low-code application development platforms empower business developers who have a deep understanding of their processes to create low-code enterprise apps fast. These apps help digitalize processes, drive efficiency, enhance customer experience, create sustainable advantages, and open the door to new business models and revenue streams.

As one reviewer noted: “Anyone can be champion by developing apps that bring value and optimization to the organization by leveraging the capabilities of AppEngine. … There is no need to hire advanced programmers to the organization to develop apps. This is now done by citizen developers instead. Improvements will come to make it even easier for business users to deliver value through custom apps. … The time it takes to publish an app has decreased to hours and days instead of weeks and months. The business can see the ROI instantly by leveraging the AppEngine capabilities.”

Making the world better

No-coders, low-coders, and pro-coders all have their place in today’s evolution of building applications to make their organizations work better. App Engine can help accomplish these goals, with capabilities that scale for the business.

Thank you, vocal and loyal customers! We’re honored to be named a Leader and will work hard to continue this journey with you as, together, we make the world work better for everyone.

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