4 ways to turn field service customers into fans

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July 12, 2022

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It’s January 1969, and the pressure is on. Paul, John, George, and Ringo have 17 days to write and record 14 songs. Peter Jackson’s epic documentary, “Get Back,” captures their creative process. We witness individual genius at work, but it’s when the Fab Four play together that we experience the magic of the Beatles.

I think the same is true of field service. Our industry is full of talented individuals who are often under pressure. Only when your front, middle, and back-office teams work together in harmony are your field service professionals able to do their best work and truly shine. Field service can, and should, be a strategic differentiator. Let’s explore four ways it can help drive differentiation.

1. Strengthen customer experience

Hitting the high notes of customer experience starts with understanding what makes customers happy. For customers who depend on field service to keep business-critical assets running, happiness equals more uptime.

The best way to deliver standout service is to prevent issues. ServiceNow® Field Service Management (FSM) provides the insights you need to get ahead of problems and reduce customer effort and angst. When things do go wrong, FSM can help you fix them proactively, quickly, and effectively—keeping customers in the loop.

Asset-centric support is only one type of fieldwork. Consumer-centric services such as property maintenance, financial advice, home deliveries, and home healthcare all depend on field workers too. Pioneering healthcare technology provider Tunstall has seen a 70% increase in customer satisfaction since choosing FSM. We’re proud to help Tunstall support vital care providers.

2. Amplify employee experience

The Great Resignation makes it more important than ever to raise the bar on employee satisfaction. As John Perry, vice president of global delivery and transformation at Xerox, explains, “People don’t join this industry to get bogged down in admin. They join it because they like finding solutions to tough problems.”

By automating and optimizing processes, we’ve helped Xerox reduce manual, repetitive admin so that field teams can focus on solving tough problems.

ServiceNow Virtual Agent helps customers find solutions to simple issues on their own. This frees field teams to focus on tasks that add value to the business. When workers are in the field, our mobile field service app gives instant access to the knowledge they need to do their best work.

We’ve also partnered with, and invested in, CareAR (a Xerox company) to harness the benefits of augmented reality (AR) for field service. One benefit is support for less experienced technicians. They can work virtually side by side with expert colleagues, expediting issue resolution.

People don’t join this industry to get bogged down in admin. They join it because they like finding solutions to tough problems. - John Perry, VP, Global Delivery and Transformation, Xerox

3. Work smarter to reduce costs

Improving efficiency is on everyone’s playlist. Marginal gains in field service operations can make a huge difference in decreasing costs. With process automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and low-code tools available out of the box, ServiceNow FSM helps you get to value fast. And it’s easily customizable, evolving with your changing needs.

Scheidt & Bachmann, the world’s foremost digital parking solution provider, is realizing the benefits of dynamic scheduling. Using FSM, work is routed based on skill matching, availability, location, and service time windows. Dispatchers and managers have the visibility they need to make informed decisions, fast. Customers get experience-enhancing service, fix-first-visit rates increase, and costs decrease.

Digital payments innovator SIA (now part of the Nexi Group) reports an 80% reduction in effort to log work since it started working with ServiceNow approximately two years ago. FSM helps the company work smarter and has saved it 48,000 hours.

4. Increase revenue

The Beatles song “Get Back” is built on three chords. Speaking from experience, they’re relatively easy to master, but you have to get the basics right before you can add flourishes. Otherwise, you end up in a mess.

Similarly, field service can be a powerful revenue generator for your business, but you have to get the basics in place before you can build. Whether you’re looking for more value from existing revenue streams or want to transform to an outcome-based model, FSM gives you the agile platform you need to respond to market changes and accelerate growth.

According to Forrester, enterprises may realize a return on investment of 310% over three years by deploying ServiceNow FSM.1

Hear from some of our fans what’s working and what they value most about our approach in The field service experience ebook.

1 The Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow Field Service Management, Forrester, December 2020

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