Virtual Agent

Make it easy for employees and customers to get what they need, whenever they need it, with an enterprise conversational experience powered by natural language understanding


Increase productivity by providing customers and employees instant answers through 24/7 automated support

Reduce agent workload by resolving common requests so your employees can spend more time on complex inquiries

Scale business efficiency by lowering costs and handling higher volumes of routine tasks

Application Highlights

Take chat from conversation to resolution

Take chat from conversation to resolution

Elevate the IT service experience


Elevate the IT service experience

Increase customer satisfaction


Increase customer satisfaction

Enhance the employee experience


Enhance the employee experience

Simplify how you build and deploy chatbots

Enterprise chatbot designer

Simplify how you build and deploy chatbots

Feature Details

  • Native to the Now Platform

    Create a personalized experience for each user by accessing catalog items, knowledge base articles, incidents or cases, and profile information within the context of each conversation.

  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

    Simplify conversational experiences by interpreting everyday language so you can connect users to the right topic and extract answers from sentences.

  • Pre-built Conversation Topics

    Quickly build, customize, and deploy chatbots using pre‑built templates for IT, HR, and customer service conversations.

  • NLU Model Builder

    Create and tune sophisticated models that are specific to your organization’s vocabulary without writing a line of code. Enable anyone to define intents and connect entities to your Now Platform data by entering sample sentences.

  • Virtual Agent Designer

    Build and test entire conversations without the need for scripting or advanced skills. Drag and drop elements on the graphical canvas to visually see the entire flow. Developers always have the flexibility to go even further with branching, looping, and scripting.

  • Build Once, Run Everywhere

    Bring Virtual Agent to where your employees and customers already are with out‑of‑the box integrations to Slack, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, and Workplace by Facebook.

  • Live Agent Hand-off

    Seamlessly transfer the entire conversation history and context to the right human agent when needed.

  • IBM Watson Assistant Integrations

    Optionally leverage IBM Watson Assistant skills for dialog logic, intent and entity recognition, or additional language support.


Virtual Agent Use Cases

Virtual Agent for IT Service Management (ITSM)

Elevate the IT user experience with the enterprise chatbot that’s available 24/7 to automatically process common requests like opening a new ticket, resetting a password, ordering equipment, and many more common use cases.

Virtual Agent for Human Resources

Enhance the employee experience by making it easy to update profile information, raise a pay discrepancy, request leave, or open a case.

Virtual Agent for Customer Service

Increase customer satisfaction by automatically answering frequently asked questions, quickly creating product support cases, and easily checking order status.

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