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March 04, 2022

ServiceNow career: 2 ServiceNow employees from Germany

There’s no such thing as “one perfect candidate” in tech. Whether you’re fresh out of school and looking to get your foot in the door or you feel you’ve gained all you can from your current role and are ready for a fresh start, ServiceNow may have a great opportunity for you.

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We know the first step in applying for a new career can feel more like a long jump—over a canyon—with no safety net. That’s why we sat down with two employees who recently started roles at ServiceNow in Munich to chat about their journey so far and to get the scoop on what life at ServiceNow is really like.

Unexpected benefits

Having completed a degree in rhetoric, Senior Enterprise Sales Associate Simon G. didn’t fit the typical mold of someone who might launch a career in the technology industry.

“When I started at ServiceNow, I had never done a full, traditional sales cycle before,” he says. “But I knew very early on that I had a good support network around me. There was a lot of guidance and structure available from the outset. Because my experience was very different from what you might expect, it took me a little longer to wrap my head around certain things, but this was never a problem.”

At first, he found it challenging to pick up product knowledge at speed. “But my own experience gave me unexpected advantages in other areas,” he adds. “And ServiceNow recognized and celebrated this.”

Simon’s background as a self-employed rhetoric trainer made him an expert in nonverbal communications. Although that wasn’t a requirement for his role at ServiceNow, he was encouraged to bring that experience to his team, teaching colleagues to present, pitch, and communicate more effectively. This provided him value far beyond the role laid out in his job description.

An empowering culture

“Everybody was keen to get involved and so supportive,” Simon notes. “At the back of my mind, I always worried that eventually somebody would tell me to stop and focus only on the billable client hours, but it never happened. ServiceNow is great at empowering employees in this way.”

From Simon’s experience, “the culture is very much about seeing what talents people can bring to the table and how we can use them in a way that benefits everybody. It’s less about specific job roles or candidate requirements and more about celebrating diverse skills.”

"My own experience gave me unexpected advantages in other areas, and ServiceNow recognized and celebrated this." Simon G., Sr. Enterprise Sales Associate, Munich, Germany

Since joining the company, Simon has continued to thrive and says there are lots of opportunities for development. “I’m looking forward to growing and progressing within the company, and I know that it’ll happen. There’s clear structure and an outlined opportunity to step from one role to the next.”

Simon encourages anybody to apply, regardless of whether they think they have the right level of experience.

Willing support

Senior Digital Account Executive Ksenia K. didn’t have a lot of experience in technology product sales when she joined ServiceNow just a few months ago. But that didn’t hold her back.

“I found it actually doesn’t matter if you don’t have that grasp on product knowledge at first,” she says. “You’re given all the training. If there’s anything you’re struggling with, everybody is so helpful and willing to support you.”

ServiceNow is committed to providing its people with every opportunity to succeed and fostering a happy, healthy, inclusive culture, which was important to Ksenia. ServiceNow’s People Pact is to help employees live their best lives, do their best work, and fulfill the company's purpose together.

“I often recommend ServiceNow to anyone I know who’s looking for a new role, and a lot of it comes down to the culture. You can bring your whole self to the company, and that’s really important to me. It doesn’t matter what clothes you have on, what language you speak, or what you’ve done previously. ServiceNow knows there’s value in a diverse team.”

Career development opportunities

Ksenia was searching for a company with ample opportunity for career development, which is something we pride ourselves on at ServiceNow.

“I’m still new to the company, so it’s my time to figure out where I see my career going,” she says. “It’s great that I’m allowed to do that in my own way. I see a lot of opportunities for myself at ServiceNow. I know whichever direction I do head in, whether a specific type of sales or area of expertise, the team will support me.”

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