3 reasons to embrace low-code

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  • 2023
  • Kim Kaull
August 25, 2023

Low-code: man with earphones working on a laptop

Organizations face myriad challenges in IT, from managing ever-growing backlogs to maintaining competitiveness. In the face of such challenges, ServiceNow App Engine emerges as a beacon of innovation for organizations of all kinds.

By harnessing the power of low-code development, App Engine can streamline processes and accelerate solutions with less complexity, cost, and risk—all on one platform. Let’s explore three ways App Engine rewrites the rules for software development, opening doors for citizen developers and professional developers alike.

1. Simplified development for all

In the past, application development often meant starting from scratch, coding everything from integrations to user interface elements. With App Engine, what was once a skill confined to a small group of technical individuals is accessible to anyone across the organization, regardless of skill level.

While App Engine opens the doors to more creators, it has guardrails to ensure anyone building apps sticks to the standards set by your core IT team.

Professional developers win too. Low-code doesn’t eliminate the need for them—it expedites tedious and redundant processes, freeing highly skilled developers to focus on strategic initiatives. Watch our Utah platform features developers and admins care about webinar to learn more.

2. Accelerated time to value

Because time is a precious commodity, App Engine includes a user-friendly interface and prebuilt components that enable both seasoned and citizen developers to rapidly build, deploy, and optimize applications.

Without the need for custom coding, low-code development can lead to cost savings in training, infrastructure, and resources. In Unleash the power of your developers, ServiceNow Senior Developer Advocate Chuck Tomasi shares how App Engine can help organizations overcome resource challenges.

3. Scalability and governance

App Engine allows you to easily scale low-code development through modular components and reusable templates. At the same time, built-in governance tools give admins the power to easily govern the development lifecycle end to end. Users can submit ideas, invite others to build together, hand off apps, and monitor and proactively improve apps—all in one workspace.

With applications being scaled across the organization, how can you turn application development into a team sport while avoiding the dangers of shadow IT and sprawl? Discover more about ensuring proper governance in Low-code best practices.

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