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August 18, 2023

4 ServiceNow employees who create innovative apps

At ServiceNow, we bring together builders, problem-solvers, and creative thinkers to push the boundaries of possibility with innovative apps. Our Innovation Lab serves as a collaborative hub where employees can develop new apps on the Now Platform to creatively solve problems and where internal innovations can be used by our customers.

During two-week, focused work sessions called innovation sprints, employees submit their ideas for new apps. When one is chosen, the teams unite to bring a selected concept to life.

"I love how at ServiceNow, we're challenged to think outside the box," says Bharathi R., manager of software engineering management. "It's OK to fail. No work goes to waste. Sometimes we even go back to something we had developed and put aside a few years ago and reconfigure it.


Our managers always encourage us to go above and beyond what the platform gives us to find out what future, emerging things we can use and add to the product. -Soumil M., Machine Learning Engineer

Joy in creation

Bharathi often spends her free time playing her all-time-favorite game, sudoku. "I got into tech because I love solving puzzles,” she says. “I like to solve at least one a day. I'm addicted to it. Creating apps is often about solving puzzles along the way to make them even better for our teams and ultimately our customers too." 

Similarly, Platform Architect Ishant G. loves building things and has a giant Lego collection to prove it. "I get that feeling here at ServiceNow,” he says. “I'm not physically building things but rather using the tech to build new apps that get used by our employees and customers."

Soumil M., machine learning engineer, finds joy in developing apps that use AI to enhance the efficiency of ServiceNow employees. "We always get to play with the latest and greatest tools out there," he says. “The team enjoys the challenge of discovering new, innovative ways to use the Now Platform to make work easier.”

Some of Soumil’s most rewarding projects were crafting internal search tools and chatbots. He believes ServiceNow's workflow tech “beautifully complements the generative AI of the future,” opening the door to limitless possibilities. "We're just getting started," he notes.

Making work better

Probir D., senior staff software engineer, thrives in building apps that empower employees to do their best, most efficient work by eliminating tedious tasks. “We created an app that helps employees find and centralize any recordings of meetings they’ve had,” he says. “This frees up time for people to do more important work.”

Ishant welcomes the challenge of finding innovative ways to apply ServiceNow technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA) and Process Optimization to automate tedious tasks so employees can focus on more important tasks. He contributed to an app that boosts developer productivity and experience.

“I worked very closely with the product teams to introduce new features into these products to drive maximum adoption,” Ishant explains.

Probir worked on multiple apps that went from internal use to general availability on the ServiceNow Store. He’s especially proud to have contributed to several emergency response apps that were made available to customers for free during the pandemic.

“These apps can be utilized by companies to respond and provide vital information to employees during various types of emergencies, from natural disaster to a pandemic,” Probir says. “Like so many of our apps, they were deployed, tested, and utilized internally before public launch.”


We’re always listening for feedback and then using that to iterate on the products. -Ishant G., Platform Architect

An empowering culture

True innovation requires a supportive company culture. “Our managers always encourage us to go above and beyond what the platform gives us to find out what future, emerging things we can use and add to the product,” Soumil says. “All of the prototyping is really fun.”

Bharati agrees. “You’re always encouraged to try something new, and you’re not limited in your role,” she says.

“We’re always listening for feedback and then using that to iterate on the products,” Ishant adds. “And it’s OK if we mess up. We learn and try again.”

The creativity and dedication of employees like Ishant, Bharathi, Soumil, and Probir fuel our mission to deliver innovative apps that make the world work better for everyone. The future is bright and exciting because our dynamic teams continuously strive to use technology to make a difference.

Join a company where innovation is encouraged and celebrated. Explore ServiceNow careers.

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