• Connected ecosystem: man in a coffee shop looking at a smartphone in front of an open laptop
    Customer Experience
    Transformation Done Wright: The connected ecosystem
  • Knowledge 2023 takeaways: a group of women raising their hands
    4 takeaways from Knowledge 2023
  • Employee experience in healthcare: 3 healthcare workers walking down a corridor
    Why the UK&I must prioritise employee experience in healthcare

Company News

  • Now Platform Utah release: Arches National Park, Grand County, Utah
    Now Platform
    Welcome to the Now Platform Utah release!
  • Digital innovation: three workers looking at a computer monitor.
    AI and Automation
    Survey says digital innovation is the way to navigate macro uncertainty
  • Interconnected telcos: Photos from Mobile World Congress
    Interconnected telcos: Highlights from Mobile World Congress

Product Insights

  • AI in knowledge management: Woman leading discussion in a conference room while workers look on
    AI and Automation
    The evolving role of AI in knowledge management
  • What is CX versus UX?
    Customer Experience
    What is CX versus UX?
  • Sustainability in banks: woman financial worker with a plant on her left in conversation with a couple of people
    Financial Services
    Sustainability in banks requires listening to workers and customers

Life at Now

  • How ServiceNow EMEA protects our planet
    How ServiceNow EMEA invests in our planet
  • Women at ServiceNow: 5 employees
    Women at ServiceNow: Equity, belonging, and International Women’s Day
  • Daniela S., ServiceNow employee and a former refugee who started a tech career later in life
    Meet Daniella: A former refugee who started a tech career later in life


  • Mittelstand and middle business syndrome: 3 colleagues working around a laptop
    IT Management
    Mittelstand: The middle business syndrome
    24 May 2023 The German Mittelstand accounts for more than half of economic output and almost 60% of jobs in Germany, making it one of the biggest growth engines today.
  • Intelligent digital platform: 2 workers in conversation over what appears on a tablet
    Now Platform
    Modern organisations need an intelligent digital platform
    23 March 2023 To navigate macro uncertainty, organisations must orchestrate individual digital parts into the digital whole. An intelligent digital platform can help.
  • ServiceNow: Glassdoor Best Places to Work 2023
    Glassdoor: ServiceNow is still one of the Best Places to Work
    11 January 2023 For the second year in a row, the Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards have ranked ServiceNow as one of the Best Places to Work 2023 in two categories.

Trends & Research

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