ServiceNow partners with Intel, Volteo to provide EaaS, Edge to Service Solutions

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August 30, 2021

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Data is at the heart of every business today. But if we don’t understand the data or if the data isn’t accessible, it doesn’t do us much good. More important than the data itself is having the right data in the hands of the right people who can execute at the right time.

This need has given rise to edge computing, which helps businesses glean insights from data by processing it as close to the source as possible. Here’s how it works: A local Internet of Things (IoT) device collects data and then analyzes it before transferring results to the cloud. Think of it as IoT data analysis in real time. 

In order to fully capitalize on the business value of this data, edge intelligence must be delivered through an edge enablement infrastructure and transformed by a workflow engine.

At ServiceNow, we make work, work better for people. We’re excited to announce a partnership with Intel and Volteo that helps fulfill that mission by enabling edge-to-service and Edge-as-a-Service (EaaS) capabilities. 

IoT meets workflow

Our partnership leverages Intel’s breadth in the edge device market and our experience with managing and orchestrating complex workflows. Intel makes the end-to-end compute, network, and storage devices. ServiceNow provides the platform to run business service lifecycle workflows, as well as seamless and secure enterprise digital solutions, through our Operational Technology and Service Management capabilities.

Volteo, an Intel IoT solutions alliance partner and a ServiceNow strategic technology partner, bridges the gap with functionality built on the Now Platform® that capitalizes on Intel's AI/Visual Computing enablement. Volteo also uses ServiceNow® workflows to create design patterns tailored to industry verticals. 

Our partnership enables edge-to-service outcomes for the whole enterprise. These outcomes include connected value chains as well as internal shared services. The former involves keeping line-of-business systems running efficiently while enriching them to provide additional revenue. The latter is about making sure all the devices are functioning properly and understanding how everything continues to work from an IT perspective.

Common industry use cases include: 

  • Smart cities (infrastructure)

  • Plant floor break/fix (manufacturing)

  • Pipeline management (oil & gas)

  • Medical systems and device management (healthcare)

  • Store management for improved customer experience (retail). 

We’re also seeing the emergence of scalable solutions—like improved camera vision recognition systems that leverage AI—in multiple sectors, including retail security management, health and safety, facility management, mobile citizenry and beyond.

How customers will benefit

This partnership provides a truly end-to-end solution for our joint customers, allowing them to manage and care for their edge devices in real time. With native ingestion of edge data, they can make better decisions and provide new, market-leading services for their own customers and employees.  ServiceNow, Intel and Volteo are redefining action and the new last mile in connected use cases, facilitating seamless execution and driving measurable business results.

Our partnership empowers and enriches workflows with real-time information that helps detect and correct problems as they happen, so that each item gets to where it needs to go on time, every time. 

For example, a telecom enterprise might use 5G connectivity to manage a port where goods are being moved from a ship to trains and trucks. In this case, Intel edge devices would monitor refrigeration, humidity, and other environmental factors and relay that information via Volteo into ServiceNow Connected Operations, IT Operations Management (ITOM), or IntegrationHub solutions.  

In retail, an Intel edge device could pick up a GPS signal from a customer’s opted-in phone app to relay the nearest store location to the phone. The company could also use the app to notify customers about a location-specific deal for that day. This can all be achieved by leveraging Volteo’s designs through ServiceNow workflows. 

Transformation through innovation

Worldwide, enterprises are digitally transforming through business model innovation, process automation, cloud adoption, and work-from-anywhere solutions. ServiceNow addresses the C-suite priorities of optimizing business processes and workflows, attracting and retaining talent, and pursuing top- and bottom-line growth. 

We are excited to enable your organization’s evolution with our edge-to-service partnership solution!

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