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September 16, 2021

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New digital experiences are imperative to win market share and attract new talent. The speed to build these experiences directly impacts how organizations differentiate. However, there aren't enough trained software developers to meet the new demand. There needs to be a better way.

ServiceNow® Creator Workflows, supported by App Engine and IntegrationHub, provide a strategic low-code platform to help organizations:

  • Deliver workflow automation fast with a consumer-grade user experience.
  • Enable siloed systems to work together.
  • Create more efficient and productive ways to get work done.

The Now Platform® Rome release introduces many new features that make Creator Workflows even more beneficial for your business.

Enterprise-ready low-code for citizen development

App Engine helps you build digital workflows fast on a single, low-code platform. App Engine Studio, available with App Engine, can help empower developers of all skill levels to build apps fast in a guided visual development environment. It provides everything creators need to build mission-critical workflow apps with ease.

Brand-new collaboration features in the Rome release can help organizations gain more developer productivity. IT can set up successful citizen development programs with enhanced support for governance and new foundational features.

Low-code is powerful when all developers, regardless of skill level, can participate and build apps together. In the Rome release, we’ve added native collaboration support to App Engine Studio. Creators can invite one another to team up in development projects without worrying about underlying technical nuances with co-development. More developers can build better together. Apps can be built fast, by more people.

To facilitate structured collaboration, we’ve expanded Delegated Development to App Engine Studio. With a few clicks, administrators can specify granular access to features and functions in App Engine Studio. New app collaboration descriptors help tailor access permissions to the nomenclature for your developer personas. These features help make citizen development with App Engine safer and align better with your IT culture.

We’ve also enhanced mobile development. The fully revamped Mobile Wizard within App Engine Studio provides in-depth customization of your mobile experience right from the start. With this new feature, you can add production-ready mobile front ends to your apps in minutes.

Lastly, with the Rome release, App Engine Studio includes industry-standard source control. Admins can benefit from more sophisticated version control and app authoring capabilities. This accelerates app development without sacrificing data integrity.

Rapidly build and configure mobile apps ​

One of the most exciting aspects of the Rome release is the introduction of Mobile App Builder, a brand-new development environment that allows creators to leverage the full power of the ServiceNow mobile platform. Mobile App Builder serves as the replacement to Mobile Studio.

Mobile App Builder

The new environment offers a streamlined approach to mobile app development that creators of any skill level will be comfortable with. This tool provides an array of intuitive mobile app building blocks for inexperienced creators, in addition to feature-rich capabilities that deliver the flexibility and depth necessary for pro developers.

Mobile App Builder is tightly coupled with Mobile Card Builder to provide a framework focused on reusable, modular components. This both expedites mobile app development and encourages collaboration.

To make mobile app development even more accessible, Mobile App Builder is also an integrated aspect of App Engine Studio. Using the new Mobile Wizard, creators can harness the power of Mobile App Builder in a simple, guided fashion.

The Mobile Wizard is designed with citizen developers in mind. It can bring a dynamic mobile experience to life in just a few easy steps. Once a mobile experience has been created, users can dive into the rich capabilities of Mobile App Builder without leaving App Engine Studio.

This latest innovation puts Mobile App Builder in the hands of low-coders using the same tab-based system they would use for data or automation design. These new features make it easier and faster than ever to bring world-class mobile experiences to life.

Keep work flowing

ServiceNow Flow Designer enables users to easily create end-to-end digital workflows and automate any process—from simple productivity to complex transformation—in a low-code, natural language environment. ServiceNow continues to invest in this flagship workflow tool in the Rome release, with several enhancements, including the introduction of Error Handling and Decision Designer.

Error Handling automates notification and remediation of flow errors to keep work flowing. Previously, if a flow encountered an error, it would stop abruptly. As a result, workflows stalled. Errors were only discovered upon end-user reported delays. Admins then had to respond to urgent, unplanned work to investigate, triage, and identify resolution.

In the Rome release, developers can add proactive error handling steps that auto-initiate whenever a workflow error occurs. This helps improve workflow uptime, resulting in fewer support tickets, less emergency action by admins, and smoother operations across the enterprise.

Decision Designer decouples decision logic from flow design so business users can configure decision criteria without relying on IT. With a few simple selections in an intuitive interface, business users can easily create decision tables with decision rules, evaluation criteria, and results for inclusion in Flow Designer flows and other ServiceNow business logic. Decision Designer is available for Quebec in the September Store release, with Rome support planned by November.

Connect ServiceNow workflows, fast

IntegrationHub simplifies cross-enterprise automation at scale by accelerating ServiceNow workflow connectivity across critical business systems. In the Rome release, we’ve added IntegrationHub Import to IntegrationHub. This new feature streamlines large and complex data imports by automating this previously complex process down to three simple steps configured in an intuitive UI.

Additionally, the Rome release adds more flow templates to speed automation development. Available in App Engine Studio and the ServiceNow Store, these flow templates provide best-practice starter workflows complete with seeded integrations.

Automation developers no longer have to start from scratch. More than 30 flow templates are now available in the ServiceNow Store, covering six common flow patterns:

  • Notifications
  • Document management
  • DevOps
  • Access management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Additional integration use cases, such as robotic process automation (RPA) and survey automation

These are just a few of the many new features in Creator Workflows in the Rome release. Learn more about the latest innovations at Now at Work.

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