Banking platform maker overhauls global IT support, reaps rewards

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If you’re a banking customer, chances are you’ve used a product created by Intellect Design Arena. The Chennai-based fintech company supports more than 10 million transactions a day across 91 countries, with cloud-native solutions for core banking, transaction, risk, treasury, and insurance.

Intellect has doubled its customer base nearly every year. Today, more than 260 financial institutions rely on Intellect’s digital technologies to keep their customers connected around the clock, every day of the year. Needing to scale to keep up with growth, we saw automation as a way to build operational resilience and to complement strong in-house IT support operations.

In need of a new approach

Our whole company is focused on enhancing the customer journey so that customers can make better informed decisions. This philosophy is led from the top by Chief Executive Officer Arun Jain, a design thinking evangelist who champions the immense potential for design practices to lift individual and organizational performance.

Employees were providing 24/7, omni-channel IT support through a mostly manual help desk system to keep up with the always-on and truly data-driven organizational culture.

Help desk agents were managing customer issues logged via phone, web form, email, and chat, with multiple processes for different business units. This presented a huge opportunity to build digital solutions, improve routing, and embed end-to-end call monitoring.

Consolidating processes for efficiency

To harness valuable data and analytics and improve service delivery and customer satisfaction metrics, we implemented ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM). It helped us centralize the global help desk on a single cloud platform, consolidating hundreds of processes with connected workflows.

Now, we can clearly track every step from the moment a customer contacts the help desk through to resolution. It all happens in one place. Because it’s cloud-based, the system availability is always-on, and our uptime scores are excellent. To date, we’ve successfully onboarded more than 200 customers to the Now Platform.

We’re solving issues before customers are even aware they exist, and employees are more productive and engaged than ever.

Integration benefits

ServiceNow helped us seamlessly integrate our technology stack with other DevOps and contact center systems. Using the Now Platform, we’ve been able to eliminate silos between our product development teams and IT service management processes.

ServiceNow integrates problem tickets raised via Atlassian’s Jira tool and automatically assigns them to the appropriate technology experts charged with fixing our customers’ infrastructure or application issues.

The full stack integration also streamlined our voice services with the existing AWS Connect app. When a call comes through on one of our toll-free numbers, regardless of the country, the customer is correctly routed, and the ticket is raised in the Now Platform.

End-to-end visibility

Another major win is that the platform can expose vital contractual data, allowing agents to immediately identify and validate if a customer is out of contract.

Previously, it was time-consuming for the help desk team to check if a customer was an expired contract before raising a ticket. Now, we have every customer’s contract start and finish date registered within ServiceNow, and validation is automated. This has resulted in increased revenue, which Intellect directly linked to contract visibility.

Service-level agreement (SLA) alerts are now triggered in advance. This helps the IT team prioritize, accelerate, and solve issues to maintain a 100% rating.

With customized dashboards offering end-to-end visibility into any process or service, agents have the information they need at their fingertips to deliver higher-quality service at scale. We also close every ticket with an automated survey so agents can gather and act on feedback.

Reaping positive results

Today, Intellect’s customer help desk is a modern cloud customer engagement platform that delights customers with the same seamless, intuitive experiences that its banking products offer. Customer satisfaction metrics have consistently tracked upward now that customers can clearly see their case status and monitor progress.

We’ve logged more than 17,000 cases in the ServiceNow system since go-live, and the results speak for themselves. We’re solving issues before customers are even aware they exist, and employees are more productive and engaged than ever.

Find out how ServiceNow Customer Service Management can help your organization boost efficiency.

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