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June 30, 2022

4 ServiceNow employees who helped build the employee journey

When you hear the term “employee journey,” you might think of a few HR requests and a stack of onboarding paperwork. You might also conjure up phrases such as “retaining talent” and “increasing productivity”—both valid and worthy pursuits that just skim the surface of the employee journey’s potential.

At ServiceNow, our employee journey reflects a larger cultural movement within the company, bolstered by our own technological innovation. We believe work should be purposeful, enriching, and fun. Toward that goal, we've created digital solutions to support the various aspects of the employee journey, driven by a genuine desire to care for our employees and help them live their best lives and do their best work.

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Four employees who worked on various stages of the ServiceNow employee journey built on the Now Platform® share why it’s really “all about the journey.”

An offer too good to refuse

When Vijai K. joined the ServiceNow people technology team in 2020, he was struck by the seamless remote employee onboarding process. “During these COVID times, we’re all working virtually and separated. The Now Platform is the first touch point where a new hire interacts with the company...If the experience is good, the employee will gain confidence,” he says.

Vijai and his team baked a new element into the pre-hire process: Offer Calculator, which they built on the Now Platform in only three weeks. The solution enables recruiters to quickly assess a prospective candidate’s offer salary with real-time graphical representations of market salary range and anonymized internal comparison of the full package.

Honestly, one of the things I was most surprised about was just how much our platform can actually do. Sometimes you’re like, ‘Could it do this?’ And then you’re like, ‘Yeah, it can do that’…That’s just awesome. - Anna H., HR Project Manager, Amsterdam, Netherlands

When we rolled out Offer Calculator internally, Vijai could see how comfortable and easy it was for our recruiters to use. “It quickly transformed the way they worked,” he recalls.

Before then, recruiters had to use Excel spreadsheets to make manual adjustments and jump between various disconnected systems. Now, “it’s all just one interface, and they get all the information they need,” Vijai says. Offer Calculator also enhances our candidate experience by enabling a smoother, faster, and fairer offer calibration process.

Seeing the amount of time (and frustration) this saved his colleagues, Vijai felt emotional. He likes the platform’s plug-and-play ease of use and how quickly he could add value. “Our platform is so robust,” he says.

The human touch

Late one evening, ServiceNow’s Dublin office brimmed with excitement. There, Ryan O. and his Europe, Middle East, and Africa people care team had developed Live Agent and just received its first chat notifications. “It’s a thrill to solve something in the moment for people,” Ryan says.

The new feature in ServiceNow® Virtual Agent enables in-the-moment messaging between employees and the people care team. After a pilot program in Ireland, Live Agent was released companywide—to glowing reviews.

Although we don’t have HR representation in every office, "we don’t want to lose the human touch,” Ryan explains—even at a growing company like ServiceNow. “We don’t call ourselves the care team for no reason. We really want employees to feel that we care, because we do.” 

For Ryan, Live Agent represents more than process efficiency. Dealing with serious events, such as taking a leave of absence to care for a sick loved one, is already a difficult situation for an employee. It doesn’t need to be made more difficult (or tedious) with logistical frustration.

“In people’s moments of need, we should be there to help, easily and immediately,” he says. “It’s about being authentic, transparent, and open-minded.”

Ryan feels “an immense sense of pride and belonging” at seeing how his work has enhanced the lives of others. “It’s kind of that sweet spot in a job…when the work that you’re doing [feels] connected to the goals of the company,” he says.

Staying accountable

When Carlos V. joined the digital technology (formerly IT) team at ServiceNow as a product manager, he could tell something was different. Here, he found his colleagues focused on building both great technology and a great culture. It’s a “place where people feel safe giving feedback, talking about their goals, and seeing the bigger picture,” he says.

Part of that picture, he learned, is mutual accountability. In a remote work world, accountability and clear direction are more necessary than ever. “If somebody is half a world away and they don’t do what they’re supposed to do, you’re gonna feel that, big time,” Carlos explains. “You can’t go to their desk and be like, ‘Hey, can you please do this?’”

Carlos spearheaded Goal Setting, an internal tool that organizes regular goal-setting conversations between employees and managers. It makes what could be a difficult or awkward conversation a cohesive, organized process. Carlos found himself shocked at how quickly he and his team could do the work.

Within six weeks, they ideated, developed, executed, and released the Goal Setting tool. “I was like, ‘This is crazy,’” he remembers. “But as we kept getting closer and closer to our release date, I realized, ‘OK, wow! We’re moving really fast. This is not taking as long as I thought it would based on previous experiences [at other companies].’” 

We want to treat our employees equal to customers. They are not different entities. - Vijai K., Sr., Mgr, HR App Development, Hyderabad, India

The next chapter

Although we never like to see people leave our company, it's part of the employee journey. Whether they're retiring, changing careers, or moving to another company, the offboarding process can be strenuous. During the onset of a pandemic, it’s even harder. That’s when Anna Rita H., an HR project manager, was tasked with lightening the load.

As a former member of the people care team, Anna Rita knew the pain points of a manual offboarding process, as well as the downstream effects it could have on countless teams within the organization. “It’s a tricky transition for managers, too. It adds a lot of pressure,” she says.

“What we really wanted to achieve was a workflow, a system that supports employees with all of their different questions—and supports managers in the same way but also automates a lot of the manual processes that happen behind the scenes.” Anna Rita and her team succeeded.

Now, employees, managers, and members of the people care team have specific digital tasks, automations, and data gathering integrations between systems that help guide them through the offboarding transition. When Anna Rita heard how much time the improved process saved her colleagues, it sounded like “music to my ears,” she says. “Helping all of these people, to me, felt really rewarding.”

Leading a project on the Now Platform, was “a whole new dimension” for Anna Rita. “One of the things I was most surprised about was just how much our platform can actually do,” she says. “Sometimes you’re like, ‘Could it do this?’ And then you’re like, ‘Yeah, it can do that’…That’s just awesome.”

Treating employees like customers

An employee journey filled with manual tasks across multiple systems is more than an inconvenience; it’s a detriment that can inhibit the professional and personal growth of an employee. 

“The more time we spend working on things that aren’t what we got hired to do, or don’t contribute to the company’s core mission, it’s either time wasted or extra time we have to spend out of our personal lives to make it up,” Carlos says.

Providing care to our employees is “dynamic and ever-changing" work, Anna Rita adds. Given the large scope of these projects, there’s a “level of resilience needed,” she says. But the best part about building solutions that optimize the employee journey experience is that we get to be the first to enjoy the perks.

“We want to treat our employees equal to customers,” Vijai says. “They are not different entities.”

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